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Deathspank returning to deliver swift, salty justice in "Deathspank: The Baconing"

HotheadGames is planningto return to the Deathspank universe for new, extra crispy sequel entitled Deathspank: The Baconing (cue: sizzling effect).

Representing the third game in the hack 'n slash ( 'n laugh-out-loud) series, The Baconing will set Deathspank on a quest to discover the Fires of Bacon andbring the painto his new nemesis, Anti-Spank. The adventure will feature new locationsincluding Spanktopia, The Forbidden Zone, The Forest of Tomorrow and Barnacle Lake; as well as four new bosses and a helpful sidekick named Bob from Marketing who, amongst his other talents, will be able to shoot lasers out of his eyes and chow down on bodies to gain stat-enhancing perks.

Speaking to Kotaku, Hothead said this will be the first game in the Deathspank series made without the guidance of Ron Gilbert, however it will still be “more satisfying” to play than previous chapters. Thebiggest improvement is said to be the sequel'scombat system, which will now allow players to utilize cover points and enhanced attack strategies to defeat a much smarter batch of enemies.

In addition to gameplay tweaks, Deathspank's next outing will include over 100 quests, 70 characters, over 80 weapons and new difficulty mode for hardened harbingers of justice.

Deathspank: The Baconing is slated to pop, sizzle, and set small grease fires in kitchens everywhere this summer as a downloadable title for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Mac.


May 25, 2011

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