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Corey Haim is dead

Celeb gossip website TMZ is reporting that '80s icon Corey Haim has died at the age of 38.

Haim has reportedly died of an overdose. We'll update with more details as they come in.

As kids of the 1980s, we're especially sad to hear about Haim's passing. Films like License To Drive, Dream A Little Dream and, of course, The Lost Boys taught us everything we needed to know about girls when we were growing up.

We'll miss him.

UPDATE: CNN has confirmed the news: "Police said Corey Haim, 38, was taken to St. Joseph Hospital in Burkbank, California, where he was pronounced dead at about 3:30 a.m. Wednesday (6:30 a.m. ET), police Sgt. Frank Albarran told CNN. The death appears to be accidental, possibly an overdose, Albarran said."