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Compo: Doctors Bedroom

What would the Doctor’s bedroom in the TARDIS look like. Here’s your chance to show us…

Here’s a chance for budding artists and Doctor Who fans to create a very beautiful thing.

Remember in “The Doctor’s Wife” when Rory asked the Doctor where he slept? Well that’s what we want to know – or rather we want to see. Because today we’re launching an SFX competition to draw what you think the Doctor’s bedroom looks like!

That’s right, the winning entry, plus all the best runners-up, will be published in a future SFX magazine, in full glorious colour (erm… unless you send us a really good one in black and white, of course). We want you to imagine what the Time Lord’s sleeping quarters could possibly look like. Will there be Da Vinci paintings on the walls? Will there be amazing gadgets from the 54 th century? What else could be in there? Will there even be a bed?!

Let your imagination run riot. Give us your best shot. Besides bursting with pride if you happen to win, we’ll also send you a fantastic brand new copy of Doctor Who Series Six Part One on DVD!

We can only accept entries sent to us using this system , so if you’re not creating your masterpiece digitally, please scan it in so that you can send it to us. We really want to see (and print) as many as possible.

What are you waiting for? Get scribbling!