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Comic-Con 2010 photo diary

Is Comic-Con really even about comics anymore? Not so much from where we're standing - and that, for the record, is smack in the middle of the San Diego show floor, surrounded by movie, toy and videogame propaganda. If you weren't so lucky as to make it down this year, though, don't worry: we've taken plenty of photos, both of general points of interest (read: statues, props, toys and rappers) and of the best of the many, many cosplayers and booth babes we've seen. Here's a taste of what's been happening:

Photos: Cheryll Del Rosario

The show floor

Above: This prop from the upcoming Green Lantern movie demonstrates how to spell 'Abin Sur' (and how NOT to spell 'predecessor')

Above: Here's Abin Sur in close-up, looking like someone skinned Jango Fett

Above:A statue of Avatar's Neytiri, wearing less than usual. What's under those feathers? (Answer: acrylic)

Above: NECA rolled out a few new BioShock 2 figures...

Above: Including this awesomely huge (but unpainted) Brute Splicer

Above: Also on display were Gears of War 3 figures, including a bearded Dom...

Above: ... and a slightly less steroidal Marcus Fenix

Above: Is it just us, or has Lion-O gotten a whole lot uglier since the '80s?

Above: Big Boi performing live at Thursday'sMarvel vs Capcom 3 party...

Above: ... and again from the side!

Above: Some guys who are not Big Boi wander beneath MvC3 banners

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