+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+ |K|I|L|L|Z|O|N|E| |2| +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+ ******************************************************************************* Killzone 2 Enemy Guide v. 1.1 For PS3 Written by JOHNNY-T (a.k.a. BigManTran) (email: bigmantran888@yahoo.com) ******************************************************************************* ***************** Table of Contents ***************** Note: In order to skip to the different sections a bit more quickly press Ctrl+F and enter the code next to the sections below. I. Introduction (INTRO) II. Version History (VRSNHIST) III. Background History (BGHIST) IV. Enemy Infantry (ENMYI) a) Assault Infantry b) Advanced Assault Infantry c) Rifleman d) Shock Trooper e) Advanced Shock Trooper f) Elite Shock Trooper g) LMG Trooper h) Commando i) Sniper j) Pyro Trooper k) Support Trooper l) Grenadier m) Miner n) Heavy Trooper o) Arc Trooper V. Drones (RBTS) a) Sentry Bot b) ATAC Drone VI. Vehicles (VHCLS) a) Helghast AAPC b) Helghast Tank c) Dropship d) Leech Pod VII. Conclusion (END) VIII. Copyrights/Legal Stuff (CPYRTS) ************************ I. Introduction (INTRO) ************************ Welcome everybody. Now that you’ve browsed around on GameFaqs.com and found yourself staring at this page of mine you’re probably asking yourself, “Now Johnny why would you put so much time an effort into this guide for?” Well I intend to educate you on the variety of Helghast military troops that you will encounter during the course of the game and will advise you on how to go about defeating each of them. I personally loved Killzone 2 and found the game to be very satisfying and worth every penny; I hope you share the same sentiments. Now anyways let’s get down to business. ******************************* II. Version History (VRSNHIST) ******************************* March 11, 2009 – v. 1.0 – First Version of the guide. Contains assessments, descriptions, and recommended tactics for engaging all infantry, drones, and vehicles. March 14, 2009 – v. 1.1 - Updated the list of websites allowed to use my guide. May 14, 2009 – v. 1.2 – Updated the list of websites allowed to use my guide and corrected some grammatical errors. ******************************** III.Background History (BGHIST) ******************************** Before I start the actual guide, I want to give a little primer about the history of the Helghast and why the ISA decided to throw you into this God- forsaken war on this barren rock called Helghan. The Helghast started off as a group of average, run of the mill space colonists. In an attempt to break free from the domination of the Intergalactic Strategic Alliance (ISA), the ancestors of the Helghast relocated themselves onto the barren planet of Helghan. The new settlers found the conditions on Helghan harsh and unforgiving; most of the first generation of colonists died. Those that survived adapted to Helghan’s harsh climate. Over time, the Helghast began to change physically; their skin grew pale and colorless, they lost their hair, and they became stronger and faster (And some of them even developed English accents. Go figure.). They mutated to an extent that they cannot be called humans any longer. Scolar Visari, the current Emperor of Helghan, came to power during a depression. He played on the pride of the Helghast and their burning hatred towards the rest of humanity. He ruled Helghan under Fascist dogma and claimed the Helghast were the superior race and deserved to rule over humanity (Sound like anybody else that you might know?). He instigated conflict with the ISA, which eventually led to the attack on the ISA colony of Vekta. After a long fight, the Helghast were forced to retreat from Vekta in defeat. Now two years later, the ISA and Helghast are at it again. The ISA decided to give the Helghast a taste of their own medicine by invading Helghan and capturing Visari, hoping to put an end to the conflict. You play the role of Sergeant First Class Tomas “Sev” Sevchenko of Alpha Squad. Your job is to capture Visari and try to make it through the war alive. Enough history, it’s time to get down to business and find out what you’re going to be facing out there. **************************** IV. Enemy Infantry (ENMYI) **************************** Here’s a run down on the different infantry types you’ll be facing during the game. Infantry make up about 90% of the enemies you’ll be fighting. They all have their different strategies and weapons to field against you and are all dangerous. Regardless of their different weapons and tactics, the Helghast thrive on the power of teamwork (Maybe us gamers can learn a thing or two from the Helghast). You’ll rarely ever find a lone Helghast; they’re well disciplined and will fight you as a squad, trying to flush you out and flank you, making them even more deadly then they already are. I’ll be giving you a basic description of the Helghast troops, assess the threat they pose to you, and give you different ways to engage them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ a) Assault Infantry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Threat Level: Low Description: The Assault Infantry is the standard soldier of the Helghan Army that we all know and love. Assault Infantry are easily identifiable by their iconic goggles and gas masks. They make up the backbone of the infantry forces and are the main opponents you’ll be facing throughout the game. They carry their trusty StA-52 Light Assault Rifles and M194 Percussion Grenades. Alone, they’re not much of a threat, but the Helghast aren’t stupid and prefer to work as a team. They’ll utilize the cover and try to flank you while simultaneously flushing you out of cover with their grenades. Not too dangerous overall, but don’t underestimate their persistence and numbers. Recommended Tactic: Stick to cover as much as possible when engaging these guys. They’re not much to be afraid of on their own, but they always work in teams. They’ll try to flush you out of cover with their grenades; if you hear beeping you’d better start running. The easiest way to deal with them is to wait until they try to advance and pop them while they’re moving. They’ll also peak their heads out from behind cover sometimes to try and take a shot; when they do take a pot shot at their heads. If there’s a good group of them behind cover, cook a grenade and give it a toss. If you just toss a grenade, they’ll be smart enough to get out of the area. If the grenade doesn’t kill them, it’ll stun them or they’ll try to run for it; either of those situations will leave them vulnerable. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ b) Advanced Assault Infantry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Threat Level: Low-Moderate Description: Advanced Assault Infantry are just what they sound like, a more advanced version of the Assault Infantry. The only thing different about these guys is that they sport different looking uniforms and are more heavily armored, making them a bit more resistant to bullets. They’ll use the same tactics and weapons as the Assault Infantry. Recommended Tactic: Engage these guys like you would the regular Assault Infantry. Cover, pot shots, and grenades are your best friends. Just be warned, these guys are a bit more resilient and can take more damage, making them a bit more of a threat than their standard counterparts. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ c) Rifleman ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Threat Level: Low Description: Riflemen aren’t found very commonly in the game. They’re just your standard Assault Infantry that specialize in using the StA-14 Battle Rifle instead of the StA-52. They’re more accurate and prefer to engage from longer range than the Assault Infantry. They also pack a bit more of a punch. Recommended Tactic: These guys like to hang back and take shots at you with their StA-14’s. The reason being is that the StA-11 is more accurate at longer ranges and packs more of a punch, but it has a very low magazine capacity. Stick to cover and try to close the distance between you and the Rifleman. The farther you are, the more of an advantage he has. Close in for the kill and make him play ball on your terms. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ d) Shock Trooper ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Threat Level: Low-Moderate Description: These are the guys in coats and caps. Combat with a squad of Shock Troopers is a whole new ball game compared to fighting the Assault Infantry. Shock Troopers fight in a completely different style than their Assault brethren, who stick to cover whenever possible. Shock Troopers prefer to close the distance during a fight, zigzagging and rolling to dodge incoming fire. After the Shock Trooper has gotten up close and personal, he’ll engage you with their StA-11 SMG or knife. The only thing that keeps the Shock Trooper at a low-moderate threat level is the fact that they lack any type of armor protection; this means that they can easily be killed with a few bullets. Recommended Tactic: Shock Troopers specialize in close quarters combat. Their StA-11 SMGs will tear you to shreds if you get to close, and given the chance, a Shock Trooper won’t hesitate to gut you like a fish with his knife. That being said, try to stay back when fighting these guys. They love to attack by rushing and trying to overwhelm your position. Let them come to you. When they rush, Shock Troopers are out in the open and exposed. Question: What do you do when the enemy’s out in the open and exposed? Answer: You shoot them dead. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ e) Advanced Shock Trooper ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Threat Level: Moderate Description: Remember how I said that the Shock Troopers were lightly armored? Yeah well the Helghast kind of wised up to that fact and decided to slap on some body armor to the Shock Troopers, and low and behold we have ourselves and Advanced Shock Trooper. These guys are more resistant to bullets due to an upgrade in their armor, but they still retain all of the weapons and speed of a regular Shock Trooper. They still use the same tactics as their not so advanced buddies. It’ll take a bit more to bring these guys down though. Interesting Fun Fact: The Advanced Shock Troopers serve as the personal guards of Visari and any other high ranking officer in the Helghan military, such as Colonel Mael Radec. Recommended Tactic: Fight these guys like you would a regular Shock Trooper. Let them come to you. When they try to rush you, they’ll be out in the open and easy pickings for anybody that can aim worth a damn. Just watch out, because these guys can take more damage. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ f) Elite Shock Trooper ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Threat Level: Moderate-High Description: Yet another variant of the Shock Trooper, only these guys look a lot cooler and are even more deadly. Consider them the badass special forces of the Helghan Army. The Elite Shock Trooper is given the title of elite for a reason. He’s got a good amount of armor, even more than the Advanced Shock Trooper, and is even more bloodthirsty than his buddies. Given a chance, this guy will tear you apart with his StA-11 or his knife. Watch out for these guys when you do come across them. Recommended Tactic: Stay farther back than you normally would. Not only are these guys fast, they have enough armor to keep them safe until they get a chance to get all up in your face. Just like the other Shock Troopers, the Elites will try to gun you down while rushing at you to close the distance. The best thing to do is to still let them come to you and get out in the open. When they do, you’d better hope you have a big gun to shoot at them with. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ g) LMG Trooper ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Threat Level: Moderate Description: The LMG Trooper, as you might have guessed, prefers to use the StA-3 Light Machine Gun to lay down a wall of lead to suppress the enemy while his brothers move up to flank. LMG Troopers prefer to stick back a bit and let their brothers do the dirty work. These guys have a pretty decent amount of armor and are surprisingly good shots. Be careful when fighting them, they’re not easy to take down. They’re even more deadly when they work as a team. Recommended Tactic: These guys like to hang back as much as they can. Their StA-3 LMG has a seriously high rate of fire, making them especially deadly when you try to get up close. Do the best you can to stay behind cover and try to close the distance. Try to take pot shots at them when they poke their heads out of cover. If you can’t do that then you’ll have to find some way to flank them. Don’t underestimate these guys, especially when they come in squads. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ h) Commando ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Threat Level: Moderate Description: The only thing stupider than fighting a Shock Trooper up close is fighting a Commando up close. Commandos are just as deadly as, or maybe even deadlier than, the Shock Troopers when it comes to close quarters. They thrive in close quarters situations and use their LS13 Shotguns to dish out some heavy damage. They, like the Shock Troopers, love to rush at their opponents and get up close and personal. Commandos sport heavier armor than Shock Troopers and are a bit slower, but don’t underestimate them. They’re resilient and won’t stop advancing until you die or kill them. Recommended Tactic: Stay away from these guys. The last thing you want to do is to fight on his terms. Try engaging Commandos at mid to long ranges. Letting these guys get close enough to use their shotguns is going to put you in a nasty situation. If they advance towards you move back and shoot. Make sure you don’t get caught on something or stuck in a corner. As if one Commando wasn’t deadly enough, these guys usually work in squads of 3-4. Commandos are absolutely deadly on harder difficulties. ~~~~~~~~~~ i) Sniper ~~~~~~~~~~ Threat Level: Low-Moderate Description: Helghast Snipers are gifted with perfect eyesight, steady hands, and deadly marksmanship. They prefer to stay in the shadows, far way as possible from combat. Snipers pick off the enemy using the accurate VC-32 Sniper Rifle. Capable of engaging targets at extreme distances, Snipers can take you out before you even have the chance to get up close enough to engage them. If he has no other choice, a Sniper will pull out his StA-18 Pistol to engage you at close range. Good thing they’re only encountered at one point in the entire game. Bad thing is you’ll be facing multiple Snipers at a time. Recommended Tactic: Snipers sound deadlier than they really are. In reality, Snipers aren’t much of a threat. Your best weapon in a fight with Snipers is speed. Sprint between cover to avoid being shot at. The VC-32 used by the Snipers employs a laser sight. This tells you where they’re aiming and also tells you the direction you shouldn’t be running to. Safely close the distance as quickly as possible and fight these guys on your terms. Once you’re close enough waste them with a few rounds from any weapon; they don’t have much armor since they’re generally too far away to be shot at. Be careful though, if a Sniper gets his laser sight on you he can drop you in a couple of shots. Good thing his gun has a slow rate of fire. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ j) Pyro Trooper ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Threat Level: Low-Moderate Description: Hey do you smell that? Smells kind of tasty. Smells kind of like a Pyro Trooper roasting up some fresh ISA scum. As you can tell by his name, the Pyro Trooper specializes if fire based weaponry. The Pyro Trooper loves to use his VC-1 Flamethrower to barbeque anybody foolish enough to make him angry. His special brominated-flame retardant suit offers him protection from the liquid fuel that his VC-1 sprays out and gives some pretty decent bullet protection to boot. Pretty annoying opponent when you first come across him. Watch your step though; when the liquid fuel touches a surface it continues to burn for a period of time, injuring anybody who steps on it. Recommended Tactic: These guys are pretty resilient. Pyro Troopers sport a decent amount of armor. The VC-1 is downright deadly when it comes to close range combat, but that’s about it. The flame from the VC-1 doesn’t reach that far out. That being said, if you can stay out of the effective range of the Pyro Trooper, you’ll be completely safe. Too bad most of the time you encounter these guys will be in mid-close quarter situations. Good thing the Pyro Trooper rarely seeks cover; he prefers to stand in the open so that he can shout out mean and nasty one-liners while simultaneously burning his victims alive. Just use whatever you’ve got to take him down. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ k) Support Trooper ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Threat Level: Moderate Description: Now these guys are just downright friggin’ annoying! Support Troopers, oddly enough, offer support to the advancing infantry squads. To do this, Support Troopers utilize the VC-9 Rocket Launcher to dole out the pain. Now rockets on their own aren’t bad, but these guys are pretty good shots. Not only that, they usually come in groups of three or more. One rocket’s bad enough, but three? Come on give us a break... These guys also have very good armor protection, making them hard to take down. Recommended Tactic: Like I said earlier, these guys are a pain. Good thing is they rarely take cover, since they can depend on their brothers to protect them. That being said, take out the small infantry while working your way up to the Support Trooper; just watch out for incoming rockets. The easiest way to take out a Support Trooper, strangely enough, is to stand right next to him. Yes I said stand right next to the guy. All my experiences have shown me one thing. Support Troopers will not fire their VC-9 when you’re too close to them. They’ve been trained to use the VC-9, and that’s the only weapon they got. They’re smart enough to know that if they fire that thing when you’re too close, they die too. If you’re too close to a Support Trooper, he’ll try to run away from you and set up for another shot. Take that opportunity to say good- bye and put a few bullets in his spine. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ l) Grenadier ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Threat Level: Moderate Description: The Grenadier got a major face-lift from his earlier Killzone days, and he looks pretty cool. Basically the Grenadier plays the same roll in the Helghan Army as the Support Trooper. He strengthens the line by providing tactical support for his brethren. Instead of using the VC-9 like the Support Trooper, the Grenadier stays true to his name and brandishes the M327 Grenade Launcher. The Grenadier uses the M327 to rain death from mid-range in the form of grenades. If the grenades hit you, they’ll explode on contact. If they hit any other surface, they’ll bounce a bit and then explode after a few seconds. These guys have decent armored protection, and unlike the Support Trooper, carry a StA-18 Pistol for those up close and personally confrontations. Recommended Tactic: These guys, just like the Support Trooper, mainly depend on their brothers to protect and defend them. Grenadiers prefer to stay back and launch grenades. Most of the time when you come across these guys you’ll be squaring off against two or more Grenadiers. If it’s safe and possible, make an effort to take these guys out first. When fighting them keep moving at all times. This will keep you safe from grenades. You won’t be able to hide behind cover. If you do the Grenadier will be smart and lob a couple of grenades behind your precious wall that you thought would keep you safe. Close the distance and make him draw his StA-18, which is far less deadly than the M327. ~~~~~~~~~ m) Miner ~~~~~~~~~ Threat Level: Low-Moderate Description: These guys are sort of oddballs and are only encountered in Suljeva Village. Apparently they’ve been trained by the Helghast Military to defend themselves from any possible attackers. Miners are basically your average Assault Infantry dressed in desert cloaks and masks. Instead of using the StA-52 LAR, Miners are trained to use the StA-3 LMG to defend themselves if necessary. They use the same tactics as Assault Infantry and work as a squad to try and eliminate you. Recommended Tactic: Fight these guys like you would fight the Assault Infantry. Miners are fairly easy to take down. Only thing that elevates their threat level is the fact that they have a bigger gun. But bigger isn’t always better, well for the most part at least. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ n) Heavy Trooper ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Threat Level: High Description: Remember when I said bigger isn’t always better? Yeah... I was wrong... First thing I thought to myself when I saw this guy was, “Oh my f@#*ing God...” The Heavy Trooper is big. When I say big, I actually mean friggin’ huge. Assuming that the average ISA Soldier stands at around, oh let’s say, six feet, the Heavy must be at least nine feet tall. That’s nine feet of angry, pissed off Helghast. He’s not too happy about you invading his home and won’t hesitate to crush you like a bug under his foot. Heavy Troopers are deployed as support for Helghast troops, and they’re really damn good at their jobs. This guy is basically a walking tank and can single-handedly turn the tide of battle. He’s loaded down with an insane amount of armor, making him almost impervious to any kind of small arms fire. He can take a lot of damage and deal it right back using his M194 Percussion Grenades and the massive StA-6 Chain Gun. On top of that he’s got a really nasty attitude problem. The Heavy Soldier can lay down a wall of lead like nobody’s business and isn’t afraid to get in the line of fire if it means bringing victory in the name of Visari. Good thing you’ll only fight about half a dozen of these guys in the entire game. Recommended Tactic: If you know what you’re doing, the Heavy isn’t hard to take down at all, but please use some common sense. Charging this guy head on is just plain suicide. He’ll mow you down with his Chain Gun before you can move 10 feet. He’ll also use grenades to flush you out of hiding. If fighting a Heavy is bad enough, the even worse part is that he’ll usually come with a squad of smaller Helghast infantry for support. Take the little guys out first; this will single out the Heavy Soldier so that you can focus all of your fire on him. The thing with the Heavy is that he has a massive amount of armor. Carrying a massive amount of armor means that he moves very, very slowly. Use this to your advantage. Don’t stand still too long unless you want to die. Maneuver and aim at his head, which seems to be the only weak spot on this behemoth (at least for now). The Heavy Soldier is also very partial to grenades. Cook one and toss it his way, he’s too slow to try and get away anyways. If you’ve shot him in the head enough times or threw a grenade at his face. He’ll fall to his knees stunned for a period of time. Use this time to take advantage of the biggest chink in the Heavy’s armor. While the Heavy is stunned run behind him and target those red tanks on his back. When he starts getting up, make a run for it. Use the same tactic again, repeating it as many times as you need. After a few clips to the tank the Heavy should go up in a fiery explosion; just make sure you’re not to close or you’ll go down with him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o) Arc Trooper ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Threat Level: Very High Description: If you thought fighting the Heavy Soldier was bad, then you’re in for a real treat. The Arc Trooper is basically like a Heavy Trooper. It has the same armor, same size, and same nasty attitude. Only difference is that the Arc Trooper swaps out the StA-6 Chain Gun and Percussion Grenades for the VC-5 Arc Rifle and TR-X Teslite Grenades. All of the Arc Trooper’s weapons are electricity based. He can dish out even more damage than the Heavy if he catches you in his sights. You’ll only encounter one Arc Trooper in the entire game at the Tharsis Refinery, so consider him a Boss Recommended Tactic: Just like the Heavy, fighting an Arc Trooper head on is another recognized form of suicide. This guy’s easy to beat if you know what you’re doing. Just stay away from him; get to close and he’ll fry you with his own brand of Electro-Shock Therapy. The Arc Trooper suffers from the same Achilles heel as the Heavies, but bullets and grenades won’t work against this guy. Apparently the Helghast upgraded his armor. Now I won’t tell you how to beat him; instead just avoid him for a bit. Rico will fill you in on how to take down this giant. Once you kill him you’ll get a nice consolation prize: his VC-5. ****************** V. Drones (RBTS) ****************** Not only will you be facing hordes of enemy infantry on your stay at Helghan, the Helghast have developed robotic Drones to combat you and make your stay on Helghan a little more hellish. Drones are automated and will seek out any ISA troops in their area and engage them. There are only two types of drones that you’ll come across during the campaign. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ a) Sentry Bot ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Threat Level: Low-Moderate Description: These guys are sent to patrol areas and free up infantry to do the fighting. They fly around from place to place looking for intruders. If you happen to stumble across them, they’ll try and engage you with their machine guns. Alone these guys are merely a nuisance, but who says they travel alone? Finding a Sentry Bot is like finding a cockroach; if you see one, there’s sure to be more. That being said, Sentry Bots like to travel in groups of 3 or more. Now isn’t that just dandy? Recommended Tactic: These guys are more of a nuisance than anything else; kind of like a swarm of flies. Hope you brought your fly swatter. Anyways just take cover when you see these guys coming. Just move around so they can’t encircle you and just pop them with anything you got. They’ll try to zip around to avoid being shot, but just keep at it and they should be dead in no time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ b) ATAC Drone ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Threat Level: High Description: The ATAC (Agile Tactical Air Component) is the Sentry Bot’s big brother. Kind of like a flying Heavy, ATACs guys are loaded down with machine guns, rockets, and plenty of armor. With all of that firepower and armor, you’d expect the ATAC to be slow right? Well you’re completely wrong. They’re fast and are just as good as, maybe even better than, Sentry Bots when it comes to dodging bullets. An ATAC will hunt you down and kill you on site. They’re very persistent. You’ll fight one of these as a Boss during the Salamun Bridge level. Prepare for a pretty tough fight. Recommended Tactic: Okay so you can’t shoot the damn thing with any guns since it’ll zip away immediately, dodging everything you throw at it. What do you do? Well at the beginning of the battle you’ll see a bunch of VC-9s lying around. Pick one of those up. Now you need to get out of the open and away from the ATAC’s rockets and machine guns. Head down the stairs to the lower level and hide inside the tunnel. Peek outside the tunnel exits and the big conveniently placed windows. You see those giant electrical coils? When the ATAC flies directly over one of those thing, draw your M4 Revolver and shoot once at the coil. The thing should spark and temporarily stun the ATAC. Take this time to pull out your VC-9 and nail the sucker with one of your rockets. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. After a few rockets the ATAC should go down. If you’re out of rockets, make a dash for the upper levels and grab some more ammo. ******************** VI. Vehicles (VHCLS) ******************** Like any capable army, the Helghast employ the use of various vehicles to aid their infantry in combat. You’ll come across a few vehicle types during your adventure on Helghan. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ a) Helghast AAPC ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Threat Level: Moderate Description: The Helghan AAPC is your average, run of the mill Armored Personnel Carrier. It has room to comfortably seat a squad of Helghast infantry and sports a very lavish interior. It has decent armor and sports a top mounted, manned machine gun to support the squad of troops it carries within. To deploy its troops, the driver of the AAPC drops a ramp, allowing a squad of Helghast infantry to storm the battlefield. Recommended Tactic: You’ll only be forced to destroy a few AAPCs during the campaign, and they’re not really tough to bring down. First of all you should think about taking out the gunner, since the machine gun that he uses is the only weapon the AAPC has. The more dangerous thing about the AAPC is the cargo it carries within. If you allow the troops inside to get out alive, then you’ll have a real fight on your hands. Remember how I said that the troops exit through a ramp? Well use this to your advantage. When the AAPC’s ramp hits the ground, mow down the infantry that come storming out. This should thin out the enemy ranks before they can be much of a threat. If you do have to destroy the AAPC there’s usually a conveniently placed VC-9 in the area. Pick it up and blast away. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ b) Helghast Tank ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Threat Level: High Description: Now these guys are a little bit more dangerous than the AAPCs. Now when I say a little, that’s more of an understatement. Armed with a heavy machine gun and two rocket launchers, the Helghast Tank is more than capable of holding its own in a battle. The Helghast Tank also sports heavier armor, making it harder to take down. They’ll usually be found supporting infantry assaults; the Helghast really have the strategy of combined arms down if you ask me. Recommended Tactic: Best thing you can do is take cover. If you find yourself out in the open against one of these things, you’re pretty much screwed. As with the AAPC, if you need to take down a Helghast Tank, there’s usually a few VC-9s around the area. Find them and use them to take down the Tanks. It’ll at least 4-5 rockets to destroy a tank. Just fire and take cover while you reload. There are a few levels in the campaign that you’ll get to use some bigger weapons to take down the Tanks. I won’t tell you what they are; don’t want to ruin the surprise for you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ c) Dropship ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Threat Level: Low-Moderate Description: The Dropship is basically like a flying AAPC. The Helghast use their Dropships for quick transport, insertion, and extraction of Helghast infantry. The Dropships are very well armored, protecting the squad of infantry within from any hostile small arms fire. When the Dropship reaches its target destination, it deploys several grappling lines, allowing the infantry squad it carries to rappel down to the landing zone. To provide covering fire and clear the LZ for the troops as they descend, the Dropship employs the use of twin mounted machine guns. Recommended Tactic: Don’t even bother trying to take down the Dropship. Once it unloads its cargo, it’ll immediately leave the area. Just take cover from its machine guns until it’s gone and then move to engage the infantry it just dropped off. If you want to be a bit more daring, try the following. Take cover when the Dropship enters the area. When the Dropship deploys its grappling lines, pop out from cover and shoot the Helghast as they start their descent to the ground. They’re easy pickings while they’re on the lines and when they’re trying to unhook themselves and ready up for the fight. Just watch out for those machine guns though. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ d) Leech Pod ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Threat Level: Low Description: When the Helghast need to board an enemy vessel they use the Leech Pod to get the job done. Leech Pods are the aerial version of a battering ram. When engaging an enemy ship, the Helghast deploy Leech Pods, which then proceed to ram right through the hull of the ship. Once it has broken through the hull, the Leech Pod opens up, allowing its cargo of Helghast Infantry to come pouring out to unleash hell upon the crew members of the enemy vessel. Recommended Tactic: You’ll only encounter Leech Pods during the Cruiser level. The only time you’ll ever need to destroy them, you’ll be using a mounted AA battery and missiles. You’ll have to shoot the Leech Pods down before they reach your Cruiser. It should be pretty easy if you’re a decent shot. ********************* VII. Conclusion (END) ********************* Well that’s pretty much the end of my guide. I hope I’ve done a decent job educating you on the different types of enemies out there and how to combat each one of them. I hope you enjoyed reading this guide and found it useful and beneficial to your gaming experience. Thank you for taking the time to read this guide. If you have any corrections, questions, or suggestions, please feel free to e-mail me at bigmantran888@yahoo.com. All positive feedback and corrections are greatly appreciated. Thanks again for your time. Have fun playing Killzone 2. See you on the battlefield! ************************************* VIII. Copyrights/Legal Stuff (CPYRTS) ************************************* This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for private, personal use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. 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