+----------------------------------+ | | | Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia | | For the Nintendo DS | | By TJackson | | Created : 11/1/08 | | Last Updated: 11/2/08 | | Version 0.3 | | | +----------------------------------+ This guide was composed in Metapad. It's best viewed with 1024x768 resolution, Courier New font, and your browser's small text setting. Table of Contents: I. Introduction II. Basics 2.01: Story 2.02: Controls 2.03: Glyphs 2.04: Treasure Chests III. Walkthrough IV. Appendices 4.01: Bosses 4.02: Bestiary 4.03: Glyphs 4.04: Armor 4.05: Accessories 4.06: Items 4.07: Shop List 4.08: Boss Rush 4.09: FAQ 4.10: Secrets 4.11: Endings V. Last Words 5.01: Copyright Information 5.02: Revision History 5.03: Contact Information 5.04: Credits -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I. Introduction -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Welcome to this guide for Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia! I'm Trace, and I'll be your guide through this spooky quest for the ultimate weapon against the evil Count Dracula. I apologize for the current incomplete state of this guide, but trust me, it'll be complete soon. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- II. Basics -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- This section is designed to tell you everything you need to know to slay the Count. 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=0 | 2.01: Story | 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=0 [From the intro of the game] Research introduction-- Returning to life time and again since the ancient middle ages, the evil lord Dracula has driven people to terror. Each time Dracula returned from the dead, the Belmont clan fought him in the shadows, wielding the holy whip. Through their efforts, humanity avoided darkness, securing prosperity. But early in the 19th century, having lost their ability to resist the darkness, those in positions of power at the time began to search for new ways to counter Dracula. Our organization, Ecclesia, was born then as one of those countermeasures. Many organizations were established with the same goal, and day after day, they conducted their studies diligently, but each was dissolved when they failed to produce satisfactory results. But that was when Barlowe, the leader of Ecclesia, made a surprising breakthrough that could help stand up to Dracula... 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~0 | 2.02: Controls | 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~0 +--------+---------------------------------------------------------+ | Button | Function | +--------+---------------------------------------------------------+ | A | Hold and press R to switch Glyphs (need Glyph Sleeve) | | B | Jump | | Y | Use Blue Glyph 1 | | X | Use Blue Glyph 2 | | L | Backdash | | R | Use Red Glyph | | Select | Switch top screen from map view to enemy view | | Start | Pause the game | | Up | Talk, enter doors, open chests, absorb Glyphs | | Down | Pick up cats, duck | | Left | Move left | | Right | Move right | +--------+---------------------------------------------------------+ Advanced Controls ----------------- Down + B : Slide -------- B + B : Double jump (requires Ordinary Rock relic) ----- 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~0 | 2.03: Glyphs | 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~0 This section isn't a complete listing of Glyphs (see section 4.03 for that); rather, this just explains the different kinds of Glyphs. There are two kinds: Blue : Blue Glyphs are your basic attack Glyphs. Occasionally they're support ---- Glyphs, but overwhelmingly they're Glyphs that you use to inflict damage on the enemy or to get help to inflict the damage. Red : Red Glyphs are support Glyphs. You hold R to use Glyphs like this. --- Some Red Glyphs will make you magnetic or boost your stats; others will summon familiars to help you fight. You can find these Glyphs in three places. 1. Enemy drop: Some enemies will have an odd explosion when they die. If so, ------------- they can drop a Glyph. Defeat this enemy multiple times to acquire a new Glyph. Similarly, some enemies cast a spell that takes the form of a Glyph. If you see a Glyph appear in front of an enemy casting a spell, you can absorb that spell. 2. Statue : There are some glowing statues that, if you destroy them, will drop --------- Glyphs. 3. Lying Around : There are some Glyphs just sitting there in the open air. --------------- Enough said. When you get a Glyph, you get the Glyph and 10 hearts. Hearts are harder to come by in this game than in other Castlevania games. However, once you get a Glyph, you have "infinite" amounts of a Glyph; that is, if you want to equip the same Glyph on both hands (e.g. Culter and Culter), you don't need to acquire two of the same Glyph! Just equip it on both hands, and you're good to go. Although Glyphs require MP to use, your MP regenerates very quickly. As such, this game controls similarly to the Sisters mode of Portrait of Ruin. You can achieve a rhythm in firing Glyphs that allows you to fire Glyph after Glyph without pausing. This is a crucial trick to learn. 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=0 | 2.04: Treasure Chests | 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=0 This is just a quick note on treasure chests, since it's kinda confusing, and the instruction manual is mum on it. There are three kinds of treasure chests: Brown - These chests contain a random item. This item will be chosen from one ----- of the four common items (abbreviated in this walkthrough as c.items) in the area. These chests will respawn when you leave the area. Blue - These chests contain a random item. This item will be chosen from one ---- of the four rare items (abbreviated in this walkthrough as r.items) in the area. These chests will respawn when you leave the area. Red - These chests contain a specific item. These chests will not respawn --- when you leave the area. Although red chests will always be red chests, the other two types of chests are interchangable. In the walkthrough, I'll tell you to go open a chest. Because the color and contents are random, that's as much detail as I can give you. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- III. Walkthrough -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Make sure to save often and talk to everybody. Note that you can get a medal for defeating a boss without taking a hit. Try to do this (if not on your first playthrough, sometime!) Ecclesia -------- Glyphs : Confodere x2 Items : Record 5, Record 1 R. Items: None Enemies : Skeleton You start off as the intro story ends in the building of the eponymous order. Jump to the very top and go through the large door on the right to begin the tutorial part of the game. The game will guide you through the rest. If you need any instructions repeated, walk up to Barlowe (the old man) and press up. When Barlowe directs you to go to the next room and "steel yourself against real combat," head right. The next room contains the fiercest enemy in Castlevania history: the Dkeleton. Dodge the bones it throws and attack. Even if you get hit, you're never in any real danger. You'll notice that right now, Shanoa's attack power is minimal. To overcome this, try using the combos that the game mentioned. Alternate Y and X to slash several times in a row. Three such slashes will destroy a Skeleton. Once you've cleared out all of the Skeletons, Barlowe will talk some more, and then you should continue right. When Barlowe gives you your mission, head all the way left, through a couple of rooms. The last room you can access has a treasure chest containing Record 5. Now go all the way right to enter the tower where we began the game. Jump all the way to the top of this tower and jump on the ledge to the left (not the small platform above it, mind you, but the main ledge) and crouch to reveal a treasure chest containing Record 1. You can go through the door you entered to start the game to encounter Barlowe and get advice, if you want, but it's nothing you won't find in this stellar FAQ. ^_^ Now drop down and enter the first door on your right to save your game. Drop to the very bottom of the tower and head left to find a passageway leading to the World Map, which is a new addition to the series (well, if you exclude Castlevania III). Go to the only place accessible right now: Monastery --------- Glyphs : Magnes, Culter Items : Sandals, Cotton Hat, HP Max Up, Book of Spirits, Heart Max Up, Red Drops, $500, MP Max Up, Arthro Medal R. Items: Cotton Thread, Anti-Venom, Magical Ticket, Meat, Darjeeling Tea, Heart Repair, High Tonic, Lapis Lazuli Enemies : Banshee, Bat, Bone Schmitar, Skeleton, Zombie The developers did a great job with the atmosphere here. Proceed right to enter the Monastery proper and face off against three Skeletons. Head all the way right to encounter a warp point. It's active now that you've found it, but as you haven't found any other warp points within the Monastery, you can't use it just yet. Return left two rooms to the vertical room. Start climbing, making sure to grab the treasure chest on the left to snag a random treasure. Continue climbing, but watch out for the Bats! At the top, head right. Defeat the enemies in this room, including the Banshee at the end. Don't get discouraged by the fact that you're probably only dealing 1 HP of damage per hit; she only has 3 HP. So much for that woman scorned! Grab the Sandals from the treasure chest, and return to the vertical chamber. Continue left through the next room, and when you get to the following room, you'll see a large red glowing object. Ignore it for now and continue left to save. Return from the save room and hold up to absorb this large glowing object - the Glyph. This is the Magnes Glyph. The Magnes Glyph is a bit fun to play with. As the game explains, hold R to create a magnetic field around Shanoa that you can use to slingshot her in different directions (note that it's the opposite direction that you're holding; for instance, hold down to drag Shanoa downwards. Release R to slingshot her upwards). Slingshot upwards through this room while holding R while you're in midair so that you're generating a magnetic field the whole time so that you can catch on to each successive magnetic hook. At the top of the room, slingshot yourself up and to the left to grab a treasure chest containing a Cotton Hat. Equip this and go left. This room introduces a new enemy: the Ghost. They're floating horse heads. They respawn, so don't worry about hanging around to kill them all. Deal with them as you move down the room (you can't access that treasure chest just yet). At the bottom, slide underneath the floor where that annoying cat is to grab an HP Max Up (hold up as you slide pass the chest to collect the treasure). Furthermore, retreat to the pillar nearest the cat. Slide to the right from there to land on top of the cat, and you'll see the option to press down on the D-pad. Do so to collect the cat; this will come in handy later. Now go to the left to find a Bone Schmitar. When you destroy him, you'll notice an eerie blue glow. This means that he can drop a Glyph. I recommend you exit and re- enter this room, kill him, and repeat until you get two Secare Glyphs. Secare is a sword, and it's a nice upgrade over your knife. There's a bunch of blocks further to your left that are concealing another Glyph, but unfortunately we can't do anything about that now. Instead, return to the room where you got Magnes, drop down to the next ledge, and head right. Go right, plowing through Zombies, until you reach a statue with a strange glow. Destroy the statue to reveal the Culter Glyph. Hold up to absorb it. This functions in the same way as the knife subweapon in other Castlevania games. Equip it if you'd like, and continue right. In the next room, go right and destroy the Banshee. Hop on the platform she was guarding, and use it to leap to the next platform. Grab the Book of Spirits, which will identify the enemies you kill. Not that it matters. "Hi, I'm Shanoa. Your name is...DEAD!" Continue climbing up. At the top, destroy the wall on the left and enter this new room. This room is a mess of regenerating enemies: Zombies and Ghosts. At the far left, you'll find a Heart Max Up. Collect this and return to the previous room. Jump across the gap, snag the treasure chest at the far right, drop to the bottom of the room, and exit to the right. The next room is nothing you haven't seen before - just a Banshee and a Bone Schmitar. Destroy them both as you head to the next room. In here, hop up to the ledge and grab the treasure chest. This treasure chest is situated on a ledge. Attack the right side of this ledge from one of the adjacent platforms to get the Red Drops, which will increase the power of your flame attribute. Go ahead and use them, and then climb to the top of the room, making sure to snag the $500 bag lying about on one of the ledges. I wish I had enough money that I could carelessly leave such a fortune lying around! At the top, head right to find another treasure chest, guarded by a Banshee. Take it and retreat to the previous room, and then go left. The home stretch of this area is simply plowing through a hoard of Zombies, intermingled with some Skeletons and a Bone Schmitar. Don't backdash while fighting the latter two enemies (as you'll run right into the open arms of a Zombie, who will promptly eat your brains), and you'll be good. Make sure to snag the treasure chest along the way. In the next room, use Magnes to shoot yourself at a 60 degree angle towards the treasure chest (it'll look like you're aiming far short of the chest, at the ledge above it and much closer to you, but the physics of this game being what they are, you'll slide right over to the chest). Make use of the save room on the bottom left. The top left room is a warp, which we don't have to worry about right now. The top right is a boss. BOSS: ARTHROVERTA HP : 700 EXP: 300 If you defeat this boss without getting hit, you'll receive the Arthro Medal. Keep that in mind. Maybe try fighting this boss a few times and reset if you get hit. Arthroverta (which I belive is Latin for true joint?) is a relatively simple, however grotesque, boss. He's a giant bug with a gruesome face. The bug only has three attacks: The Claw - Arthroverta will raise his claw. When this happens, backdash to -------- the corner of the room that you entered in to dodge. He'll do this when he's near you and when he's just sitting there on the far side of the room (trying to lull you into a false sense of security), so be ready. Web of Doom - Arthroverta will look up and fire off a green web. This web will ----------- arc down towards you, so dodge it. It won't home in on you, so it's not too hard to dodge on the downturn. Just be careful not to use Magnes while dodging it. Rollout - When you see the face disappear, Arthroverta is about to use this ------- attack. It's easy to dodge. Use Magnes to latch yourself onto the magnetic rock above you, and stay there until he's done rolling around. Watch out for him to use The Claw when he comes out of this attack, so be cautious when dropping from the magnetic rock. 700 HP may seem like a lot to whittle away with what you have. If you took my recommendation and got two Secares, use those in combination. You should also go ahead and fire off as many Glyph Unions as your hearts can afford. Other than that, just focus on dodging his attacks and getting hits in when you can. Being a bug, Arthrovertas is weak to fire, so if you're having a hard time beating him, use those Red Drops you got earlier. He's also weak to sword damage, so no matter if you're using Culter, Secare, or Confodere to deal damage, you'll be dealing more than you otherwise might. If you still have a hard time, maybe try leveling up. I was at level 6 when I fought Arthrovertas, and Secare dealt 12 HP of damage with each swing. It made the fight go relatively quickly. If you defeated this overgrown beetle without taking a hit, grab the Arthro Medal from the chest that emerges. Congratulations! Regardless of whether you got the medal, head to the next room for a cutscene that gives you a clue as to where to go next. Return to the antechamber of the boss room and go to the top left room. Warp back to the bottom of the Monastery area, and then backtrack to the far left to return to the World Map. There is a new location on the World Map: Wygol Village ------------- Glyphs : Torpor Items : None C. Items: Milk, Cotton Hat, Meat, Coffee R. Items: None Enemies : None When you enter, Shanoa will call your attention to a man who seems to be frozen by some sort of spell. Above him is a Glyph. Absorb this Glyph to get Torpor and to free this man, Nikolai. He is Wygol's founder and priest. He'll tell you that a man froze him and kidnapped 12 others. He also gives you a clue as to your next destination, but let's not go there just yet. Behind you is a strange artifact emitting a white light above it. Press down in front of this to get a refill on all of your hearts. You can do this at any time. Nice! Now it's treasure hunting time. To the right of Nikolai, on a ledge, there's a treasure chest. Enter the house in front of you and climb to the landing between the first and second floor to find another treasure chest. Go back to the bottom floor and leave this building. Go all the way to the left side of the village to pilfer another treasure chest. There's a save point along the way. After you've gotten all of the treasure chests and saved, go through the leafy archway between you and Nikolai to return to the World Map. Head to the only new location. Ruvas Forest ------------ Glyphs : Macir Items : None C. Items: Anti-Venom, Cotton Thread, Magical Ticket, Meat R. Items: Darjeeling Tea, Heart Repair, High Tonic, Lapis Lazuli Enemies : Axe Knight, Bat, Bone Schmitar, Necromancer, Nominon, Une Ruvas Forest is a sidescrolling area in the vein (ha ha!) of classic Castlevania. As such, there's not much of a point in giving you any kind of detailed walkthrough other than "go right." This area does introduce a couple of new enemies. First up is Nominon, a floating brain. You'll want to deal with this guys quickly, as they're elusive and can cause you trouble if you try to ignore them. Every time you hit them, they'll float away but then come back. Watch out for their tendrils. Another enemy you'll meet en rout is the Une, a small plant on the ground. Watch out for these guys; they don't cause a lot of damage or anything, but they'll appear when you least expect it. Then there's the Necromancer. He'll charge up a Glyph that you can actually absorb when you see the Glyph symbol appear - this is the Fidelis Caries Glyph, which summons Zombies. Incidentally, this is the spell he uses to attack. Destroy any Zombies that he might summon while you're attacking him. Remember that absorbing Glyphs also gives you ten hearts, so if you're running low on hearts, you can just let this guy fire a few times and steal his Glyph. Finally there's a classic enemy, the Axe Knight. The Axe Knight will throw axes either level with you or at your feet. The best way to fight these guys is to duck and slash like crazy; you can deflect the axes coming at your feet and dodge the axes coming at your head by doing this. Note that Axe Knights drop the Ascia Glyph, a Glyph that works just like the axe subweapon in other Castlevania games. The arcing pattern that it makes makes it a useful ally against the Nominons. Make sure you destroy the statue to get the Macir Glyph along the way. You can play with it some if you'd like. The Macir Glyph does a different kind of damage than the other Glyphs we've seen thus far - it deals Bash damage. This is especially effective against skeleton-type enemies and the Unes, but it does nothing against the Nominons. Note also that the second "room" - the area after you get the Macir Glyph - is the room with both treasure chests that this area has to offer. At the end, you'll return to the World Map. If you're hurting, go back to Wygol Village and save your game; then go to the new area. Kalidus Channel --------------- Glyphs : None Items : Magical Ticket C. Items: Cotton Thread, Iron Ore, Lapis Lazuli R. Items: Gold Ring, Iron Thread, Resist Ring, Rubber Suit Enemies : Merman, Needles, Nominon, Sea Stinger For now, this is another basic sidescrolling area. Jump from box to box as you make your way across the channel. Anytime you see a Merman in the water, use a Glyph of some sort (Ascir is recommended, if you have it) to take out the Merman BEFORE you make the jump, or the Merman will send you falling into the Needles. If you don't have a Glyph that can destroy the Mermen from afar, wait for them to jump and begin their downwards descent. Then you should jump over them to the next platform. Watch out for flying Sea Stingers as you go. Darn flying fish. Roughly halfway across the channel, you'll enter a cave with another guy frozen from Torpor. Absorb the Glyph to free Jacob, the owner of a general store in Wygol Village. He'll have some goodies for us when we get back to the village. For now, continue right for more of the same. At the end, you'll go to the World Map! At this point, return to Wygol Village. Wygol Village ------------- Go to the house to your right. Inside you'll find Jacob, who is selling a few things. There's not a lot of nice stuff right now, but if you have the money, I recommend you buy a Babushka (head), a Leather Cuirass (body), Cossack Boots (feet), and some Meat. You don't have to buy any or all of that, but if you find yourself in trouble in the next area, you should come back here and get some of this stuff. Anyway, SAVE, and return to the World Map through the archway, and head to the new area. Minera Prison Island -------------------- Glyphs : Dominus Hatred, Falcis, Vol Fulgur Items : Skeleton Medal, $500 x2, MP Max Up, Anti-Venom, HP Max Up, Heart Max Up, Konami Man, Strength Ring, Glyph Sleeve C. Items: Chamomile, Cotton Thread, Magical Ticket, Sage R. Items: Iron Ore, Lapis Lazuli, Military Wear, Protect Ring Enemies : Axe Knight, Devil, Evil Force, Invisible Man, Skeleton Archer, Spear Guard, The Creature, Tin Man, Winged Guard Go right, through the warp, and enter the boss door. BOSS: GIANT SKELETON HP : 800 EXP: 350 Remember, you can collect a medal by beating this boss without taking a hit. It's kinda difficult with this one, though, so be prepared to try multiple times. The Giant Skeleton is just what it says on the tin - a giant skeleton. He's particularly flexible, though, which causes a few problems. He likes to lumber towards you and then attack in one of the following ways: Poke - The Giant Skeleton will pull his arms back, bend down a little bit, and ---- jab at you. Back away a little bit to dodge this. Duck Poke - The Giant Skeleton will duck down and jab straight ahead at you. --------- Again, backdash this. Kick - The Giant Skeleton will raise his leg up and then kick you. Being a ---- skeleton, he's not exactly quick, so his leg will just hang there, suspended in midair for a little bit. His leg is every bit as vulnerable as the rest of his bony body, so feel free to wail attack at his leg while he's being kind enough to stick it out for you. Crab Walk - When you're behind him, the Giant Skeleton will bend over backwards --------- and start hopping towards you. He'll also occasionally pause to attack backwards and up. To avoid this, bring him back as far to the right as you feel comfortable, and use Magnes to propel yourself back in front of him. Now, he's weak to Bash damage, which means that if you equip the Macir Glyph, you can do roughly twice the damage per hit as you could with, say, Secare. On the other hand, Macir is much slower than Secare, and using two Secares back to back will cause about as much damage as one Macir strike; therefore, it turns out to be about the same amount of damage usually. However, for about half of the fight (when you're behind this behemoth), it'll be easier to strike once than twice, so I recommend fighting him with the Macir Glyph and perhaps Ascir on the other hand. That being said, I recommend you start by unloading as many Secare/Secare Glyph Unions as you have hearts for. That'll easily shave off a quarter of his HP. As for how to handle this guy, you basically want to exchange blows with him and dodge his attacks while he advances towards you. When he gets about between the left and middle Magnes blocks, quickly jump onto them and propel yourself to the right side of the screen. While he's coming back at you, you can attack him a few times, but as I said earlier, make sure to get yourself back to the left side of the arena before he corners you. Cornering is this guy's favorite trick. If you find yourself cornered on the left side of the arena, I recommend sliding through the Giant Skeleton. You'll take damage, but so will he. Using Magnes at this point is pointless; you'll just Magnes yourself right through his head! It won't hurt him though (I guess he has a hard head). If he corners you on the right, you can use the same trick, but it's easier to avoid being cornered on the right, since you know how fast he's coming at you, whereas on the left side, you don't know when he'll advance. If you're really trying for the Skeleton Medal, I recommend playing it really safe. This guy is good at getting in some clumsy hits. More generally, I recommend hopping on the Magnes rock as soon as the Giant Skeleton passes the middle Magnes rock, and just clinging onto the far right one while he's hopping backwards; don't even drop to the ground. It'll make the fight take longer, but I find it easier to dodge him this way. After exchanging a whole bunch of blows, this guy will crumple. A few hits and he runs away. I guess this Giant Skeleton really doesn't have any guts! After taking this guy out, I recommend returning to Wygol Village and saving. You don't really want to fight him again, do you? The area after the Giant Skeleton has a bunch of searchlights. You don't want to get caught by these searchlights. If you do, a monster called Evil Force will come out to chase you, which you don't need with all the Spear Guards and Axe Knights. Also, if you're younger, don't get caught by a searchlight late at night; this guy may give you nightmares. You may want to take one of these guys out just for kicks; if you do, I recommend taking out all of the Axe Knights and Spear Guards first, while making sure to jump over the searchlights as they sweep down towards you. Evil Force is a big Satan head sort of monster. It'll chase you around and shoot tentacles out of its mouth to attack. Keep your distance - attack with Ascir or a similar Glyph. Slide under Evil Force if it gets too close to you. Once you take it out, keep going right. The next room is the same sort of thing, but instead of Axe Knights, you've got Skeleton Archers. You may notice that both Skeleton Archers and Spear Guards drop Glyphs. Now isn't the time to grind for Glyphs, though; you'll encounter more of these enemies shortly but without the threat of Evil Force. In the next room, jump to the ledge across from you to save your game, and then drop to the bottom of this vertical shaft. Kill off the Spear Guard and take the $500. Head right. In this room, I recommend you equip Ascir and your choice of Secare or Macir. Run along the bottom, killing Spear Guards and Skeleton Archers. You'll notice some Spear Guards above you too. They can attack you with their spears from above, so toss some axes their way as you go. At the end of the lower path, you'll find an MP Max Up. Yay! Now return to the left side of the room. Hop on the ledge where you entered the room, and jump to the top path of this room. Grab the Cabriolet and the other treasure at the end of the ledge. Now return to the previous room. I recommend that you re-enter this room and kill off all the enemies to get the Hasta and the Arcus Glyphs that the Spear Guards and Skeleton Archers drop, respectively. The Hasta, being a lance, is especially useful, since it lets you attack Spear Guards from a distance. Return to the save point, and then keep going up. At the top, go right to find a familiar room. Handle it the same way you did on the lower path, making sure to snag the treasure chest on the top. Exit at the right side. Take out the Skeleton Archer and make your way down the stairs. You'll see on the left a candle. Behind it is a breakable wall. Break it and enter the room to snag a Priestess Ring, which sacrifices attack for defense (your attack, strength, and intelligence stats go down, but your defense, constitution, and mind stats go up). If you're having trouble with the difficulty of the game, try equipping this. Return to the previous room, drop to the bottom, and head right, making sure you get the treasure chest guarded by the Axe Knight at the bottom of the room. Two rooms later, you'll see a passage leading up. Go up to find a treasure chest guarded by some Winged Guards. They'll respawn, and furthermore, your passage further up the tower is blocked by your limited jumping abilities, so just take the Anti-Venom from the chest, and drop back down. Go to the bottom of this room and head left to reach the "interrogation" part of this prison island. IS THIS GUANTANAMO BAY?! There's a Spear Guard in here, as well as an Invisible Man. He'll drop his trenchcoat (EW!) and ostensibly be invisible. You can see his outline running against the background. He charges at you, so hit him once with Hasta and say hasta la vista, baby, as you jump over him. Repeat until he turns red and dies. At the far left of this chamber is a treasure chest containing an HP Max Up. Awesome! Drop down now. To the left is a warp. If you're feeling uncomfortable about moving on, you can warp back to the beginning, return to Wygol Village, and save, but otherwise, continue moving right. As a mean trick, this area has some Skeleton Archers that are just out of reach behind a guillotine. If you have Hasta, you can stil hit them. Do this, jump over/slide under the guillotines, and proceed to the next room. Watch the cutscene, and absorb Dominus Hatred (don't worry, it's not a trap, and you can't proceed without it). When Albus leaves, head right. This room has swinging axe blades and iron maidens. If you stand near the iron maiden, it'll trap you inside, hurting you and putting you in the path of the axe. Ouch! Instead, jump over the iron maiden when the axe is swinging right. When the axe starts to return, jump over it, and go right. Jump over the axe again, and when it's moving left, jump over the last iron maiden. Grab the $500 at the other end of the room and head right. Absorb Torpor again to free the very ungrateful Abram, the village idio- healer. After he leaves, return to the left, and head up. Up here, quickly grab the treasure chest to the right, and take out the Invisible Man to the left. Behind him is The Creature - Frankenstein's monster. He fights like his counterpart in Portrait of Ruin - he can shoot fire, kick you, and fire lightning. Back way away to dodge this while attacking him when he's walking, and he'll fall quickly. Continue left. Kill all of the Skeleton Archers as you proceed up through this room, and snag the treasure chest at the top before proceeding right. In the next vertical shaft, kill the Spear Guard. The first room you come to will be a save room. Save, and then return left. From the ledge where you re- enter the vertical shaft, throw some axes up to the ledge above you. It'll start breaking, and when it breaks, Konami Man will fall down! Collect this guy for 5,000 points (woo!), and use the Magnes rock above you to shoot yourself to the top of the room. Collect a Heart Max Up from the treasure chest to the left, and exit to the right. The next room is another one of those fun two-layered room with Spear Guards. There's also a Devil, who you can take out with axes. Grab the treasure chest from the bottom level and the cat from the top. That's two kitties! Exit to the right. Descend the vertical shaft. The first room on the left is a warp, which you should go activate. Go all the way to the bottom of this shaft to find a statue and a Skeleton Archer. Break both to get the Falcis Glyph, which is a sickle. Now head left. This room is shockingly hard. There are a bunch of little electricity balls going on the floor and the ceiling. Dodge them while making your way to the left. Make sure you have a lot of clearance before trying to squeeze through tight areas, as you make yourself vulnerable to attack from the ceiling and frmo the floor. At the far end, hop on the platform and absorb Vol Fulgar, a lightning Glyph. That was the source of all this electricity, so your trip back will be easy. Return up the vertical shaft to the warp. If you're hurting, go back to Wygol and heal up, as in the next area, if you mess up, you'll take a lot of damage. The next area is the final area of Minera Prison Island, though. To the right of the warp is another searchlight area. There are two Devils here, who you should take out with Ascir from the doorway. If you get caught by a searchlight, you'll have to face Tin Man. You'll stand a chance against him if you spam Vol Fulgur and Ascir, but he has 256 HP and you're probably only doing 5-10 HP of damage to him per hit. I'd recommend coming back to fight him. If you do beat him, you'll get a Strength Ring, but it'll be there no matter when you come back. Leave to the right side. There's a treasure chest with the Glyph Sleeve. This handy item allows you to have three sets of Glyphs equipped that you can switch back and forth between by holding A and pressing L or R. Go to the World Map by going right. Now I recommend returning again to Wygol Village. Wygol Village ------------- To the right of the entrance is Abram, the ungrateful gentleman you saved from Minera. He is the first person to give you a quest. See the quest section for details. The first quest he gives you is to find some Sage. You may have encountered some already. If so, give it to him, and in return, the store will start selling Potions and Tonics. This is really good. His next quest involves you finding Chamomile and Rue, and you haven't encountered the latter yet. Save, and head to the new area from the World Map. Lighthouse ---------- Glyphs : Luminatio Items : Brachyura Medal, Serpent Scale C. Items: None R. Items: None Enemies : None Use Magnes here to propel yourself over the spikes. Enter the door in front of you and begin climbing up the lighthouse. Uh oh. BOSS: BRACHYURA HP : 1800 EXP: 1000 This guy. What a jerk. He's a giant enemy crab, and unfortunately, we can't flip him over and attack his weak point for MASSIVE DAMAGE. Now that that joke's out of the way, we can work on his attacks. He has a fairly predictable pattern. Hi! - Brachyura brings his big claw up to the platform and opens it. The open --- part will be facing left. There's still plenty of room between the left wall and the claw, so this is really just a free hit for you. Punch - Brachyura will then rear his claw back and punch the left wall. If ----- you're on the platform below the top one, on the left side, and you are ducking, it won't hit you. Bubbles - He will then shoot some bubbles. You can destroy these, or you can ------- jump to the top platform and run to the opposite side to completely remove yourself from this equation. HULK SMASH - Brachyura will get really mad and attack the right wall. He will ---------- do this after finishing the Bubbles attack (he won't do it every time he uses Bubbles, but he can also do this after using the Punch attack). To dodge this, when you see him bring his claw to the left to get ready to punch, jump up on the upper left platform and you'll be safe. Ceiling Punch - Brachyura will punch the ceiling either three times or twice. ------------- It seems he only hits the ceiling three times during the first set of platforms. He'll only do this when he's red. When he hits the ceiling three times, you can dodge the hits by sitting on the safe platform (the left platform right above Brachyura), but when he brings the claw back down, you'll get hit. To dodge this, before he snaps his claws to make the final punch, run just past the halfway point of the uppermost platform to the right. When he's snapping his claws, run back to the left. This will bait him into attacking the right side of the ceiling, which will allow you to dodge the hit. When he is making the punches in the third form, make sure you're ducking on the upper left platform in order to avoid him. Oh Snap - In his third stage, after doing the Bubbles attack, he'll pull his ------- big pincer back towards you. Therefore, when he's done shooting bubbles, jump to the top left platform. He'll hit the right wall really hard, but you'll dodge the attack. So how do you deal with this beast? Get to the top left of the set of platforms you're at. When Brachyura is starting his attack sequence, drop down to the second to top platform on the left. Now start wailing on him. I recommend using two Macirs, as they will do a lot of damage. You can put two Macirs together and use a nice Glyph Union to hurt him pretty badly. I recommend jumping to the top platform everytime he finishes the Punch attack, the Bubbles attack, and in the third stage, the Oh Snap attack. This fight is more about dodging his fierce attacks and attacking when you get a chance. When he turns red, he's about to destroy the ceiling, so when he retracts his claw after destroying the ceiling, start moving up. After he's destroyed three ceilings, you're going all the way to the top. At the top is an elevator with spikes on it. Latch onto the last Magnes rock, propel yourself to the left side, jump up to the elevator, and hit down to watch one of the most gruesome deaths of a boss in video game history. If you're going for the Brachyura medal, good luck. This is probably the hardest medal by far, but only because of a couple of trouble points. Remember to play cautious, and keep these tips in mind: -Always jump to the uppermost platform when he finishes doing any attack but Hi!. This way, you can ensure that you won't get hit by his pincer. -When he's attacking the ceiling during the first part of the fight, make sure to run to the right side after his second punch. When he starts snapping to indicate that he's going to punch again, run back to the left to avoid getting hit here. -Make smart jumps -When he's punching the ceiling on the third form, make sure you're on the upper platform to avoid his pincer. With that in mind, and with some practice, you should be able to get it. By the way, while he does have 1800 HP, there's no way to end this fight other than dropping the elevator on him. I whittled away 1800 HP from him in his last phase, and he still didn't die. Take the Brachyura Medal if you got it, and then press up on the elevator. From there, go left, and use Magnes to go up to the next level. In the room to your right, absorb the Luminatio Glyph, and go right. Drop down, go left, and descend the elevator to the bottom. Go right, drop down a bit, and free this villager from the hold of Torpor. This is Eugen. He runs an armor shop in the village. After commenting on your skimpiness, he'll leave. Go left, pick up the Serpent Scale, and leave this area. Return for now to Wygol Village. Wygol Village ------------- To the left of Nikolai is a platform. Hop on it, and go all the way left. In the upperleft most door is our new friend Eugen. He'll tell you to bring him three Iron Ore. Good to know. Go shopping for any Potions you may need, and then return to the World Map. We're going to revisit the... Kalidus Channel --------------- Glyphs : Fortis Fio, Scutum Items : Twinbee, MP Max Up x3, HP Max Up x2, Potion, Heart Max Up x3, Anti- Venom, Sapphire, Super Potion, Chamomile, $1000 x3, Emerald, Magician Ring C. Items: Cotton Thread, Iron Ore, Lapis Lazuli R. Items: Gold Ring, Resist Ring, Rubber Suit, Silk Thread Enemies : Dark Octopus, Fishhead, Forneus, Gelso, Killer Fish, Merman, Needles, Sea Demon, Sea Stinger, Skull Spider, Specter First enter the stage through the top right exit. Make your way left to where we came outside after rescuing Jacob. Attack the ledge above the exit from that cave to release Twinbee. Yay! Go right while staying underwater to find a treasure chest containing an MP Max Up. Keep going right while staying underwater. Note that you can jump an infinite number of times while you're underwater. At the far end, grab the HP Max Up ,and exit the level again. Re- enter through the bottom right entrance. Head left and hop in the water. There's a Killer Fish there. Kill him before he can kill you. Continue left. You'll notice that the Mermen and Needles are no longer a match for you. Stick to the bottom path for now, and at the far left, you'll see a treasure chest guarded by Needles. Take them out and get the Potion from the chest. Go to the upper left corner to exit this room. In the next room, which looks more significant than it is, keep going left. Ascend the vertical shaft and go right. In the next room, drop to the bottom immediately to snag a Heart Max Up. Leap over the ledge and go right. You'll see a pair of Dark Octopodes running around. Take them out from a distance with axes (the ink hurts like crazy), and open the treasure chest. Continue right, and open the treasure chest to get Anti-Venom. Exit the room to the right to find a warp. Return to the previous room, jump up, and use the upper- right exit. This next room has a huge tower of Fishheads. Duck in the little groove between you and the Fishheads and break out a bunch of Ascir and Secare or whatever weapon you're using. You'll be safe in this groove. Some Gelsos may come down to bother you, but they don't take much damage before they die. Behind the Great Wall of Fish sits a Sapphire. Goodie. Jump up and go through the middle left door. Take out the Fishhead wall and go left. You'll encounter a fierce Sea Demon. Don't let him scare you; just throw a bunch of axes and attack him. He just likes to run away, come back, and attack. He's kinda like a Devil. He can cast Grando, and you can certainly absorb this Glyph while he's casting it. Once you've dispatched him, snag the HP Max Up, return to the previous room, and make use of the top left exit. The next room is full of Dark Octopodes. Use Vol Fulgur, Hasta, Ascir, or some other distance weapon to take them out, and keep going left. In this vertical shaft, head up and right. The next room has infinitely respawning Gelsos. It also has an exploding barrel attached to a balloon. This is a frustrating puzzle. Swim into the barrel to push it to the right. You'll want to keep swimming into it until it's all the way to the right - almost on top of the rocks. Once the barrel gets onto the higher ledge, you can walk it over to the rocks, but make sure the barrel couldn't get any closer. Then attack the barrel to blow up all of those rocks. The far right wall can be destroyed. It contains three treasure chests, containing an MP Max Up, a Heart Max Up, and a Super Potion. This also creates a shortcut to the surface, so if you need to heal up, go to the surface, head left, save, and return here. Now return to that vertical shaft and descend to the bottom. Snag the treasure chest from underneath the Dark Octopodes, and continue left. In here, take out the Gelso and the giant Forneus. He looks big, he's really just a pushover. Snag the treasure chest, and keep going left. This will lead to a save room. Slide underneath the wall, jump out of the water, save, and repeat on the left side. In the next vertical shaft, jump up to the very top. Go through the top left door to find a treasure chest. Return to the vertical shaft and enter the middle door. Break through the wall of Fishheads and drop down. Kill off the Dark Octopodes and absorb the Fortis Fio Glyph. With this new Glyph in hand, go left. This room is another exploding barrel puzzle, but it's a bit easier this time. Start by killing off all the Needles. The barrel is in the bottom left corner. Walk it away from its little nook, and then swim it up to the rocks. Blow it up, and go up through the hole. This leads back to the surface. Go right for a screen to find a treasure chest. Now go all the way left - towards the top left exit, but remain underwater. You'll find some Chamomile, and at the far left, a Heart Max Up. Lots of goodies! Now return to the hole to go back down to the depths. Enter the room on the left to activate this warp, and then return to the vertical shaft after the previous save point. In this shaft, take the exit down. Go to the bottom of this next shaft to find a statue containing the Scutum Glyph (no, not scrotum, Scutum). This is a shield Glyph, which seriously ups your defense while you have it active. The room to your left is a fun room that is basically a compilation of all of the enemies you've fought so far in the Kalidus Channel. Make sure to grab the treasure chest in the middle before leaving to the left. In the next cave area, drop down and go right. There are a bunch of Dark Octopodes blocking your progress, but you should be able to take them out by now. In the next room, you'll find a sunken ship by jumping over to the top right side. Enter the ship through the far right, and collect the three (!) $1000 bags that you come across. That's what you get for infiltrating a sunken pirate ship. There's also an MP Max Up. Kill the Skull Spider at the bottom, and take the Emerald as well as the three random treasure chests. Slide under the wall to get the third, and continue right. In here you'll find Monica (how is she breathing?). Absorb Torpor as usual, and then leave. Go all the way left to exit the ghost ship. Kill the Specter with Torpor, and then duck on the little plateau to get the Magician Ring. Now leave the ghost ship area and return back to the first cave area (the room before the room with the Dark Octopodes). Go left, taking out the Sea Demons as you go (make sure to absorb Grando from their spells!). Grab the Iron Ore from the chest above the exit, and then go left. Now we can finally leave this area and return to the World Map! As usual, before going to the next area, let's return to the village. Wygol Village ------------- Remember where Eugen was? Go back there, but before his door, you'll find Monica. You've probably gotten five Cotton Threads, in which case, you can give those to her for a Cotton Dress. Save, get all the treasure chests again, and if you have the money, buy a Sequined Dress from the shop. It's handy. Now leave and go to the new place on the World Map. Tymeo Mountains --------------- Glyphs : Fides Fio Items : Mushroom, Blue Drops, MP Max Up, Empress Ring C. Items: Chamomile, Iron Ore, Lapis Lazuli, Rue R. Items: Archer Ring, Chrysoberyl, Ruby, Silver Ore Enemies : Bat, Black Crow, Rock Knight, Nightmare, Winged Guard This area has some really groovy music. Start by ducking between the two candles in the entryway to get the Blue Drops. Go ahead and use them. Now continue by climbing this vertical shaft all the way to the top. There's a save point at the top. Use it, and then drop down to go out the left exit. The first enemies you'll encounter here are Rock Knights. I recommend a combination of Macir and Torpor. In fact, I recommend that for most of this area. Continuing on, there's a treasure chest, and afterwards, a Nightmare. It's a horse (see what they did there?) that can turn invisible. I say toss Torpor and hope to hit him. Once he's gone, watch out for the stalagtites above you! They'll fall and hurt you. Bait them to fall, and use them as platforms to jump across the rest of the room. At the end, head up. There are a pair of Skull Spiders here. If you want, you can kill a bunch to try to get their Glyph, the Fidelis Aranea. Grab the Mushroom, and destroy the wall behind it to get the Empress Ring. Continue to the top, and head right. This is another Magnes puzzle. As a rule of thumb, go right and up when firing yourself. At the end, continue right. There's a treasure chest in this next room. Take it, and go up, watching out for the Black Crows, Winged Guards, and the Rock Knight. Go in the room to the right on your way up to rescue the very well-endowed Laura. Leave this room, and continue up the shaft. Go to the left at the top to activate a warp, and then continue up. At the top of the next shaft, go left. Kill off the Skull Spiders as you enter the cave. Slide underneath the rocks, while making sure there are no Skull Spiders anywhere near you when you do. Destroy the statue at the end of this path to get Fides Fio. Keep going to get an MP Max Up. Now leave the cave and hop on the slope heading up and left. Watch out for the Black Crow, and keep going left to leave this area. As usual, return to Wygol Village. Wygol Village ------------- If you found any Rue in the mountains, give that and the Chamomile to Abram to make the store stock Anti-Venoms and Uncurse Potions. This is good. If you found a Lapis Lazuli anywhere, go to the house to the left of the entrance to find Laura. She'll turn it into a Lucky Clover, which sells at the shop for $777. Stiff price, but it may be worth it. Save, leave, and go to the new area on the World Map. Misty Forest Road ----------------- Glyphs : Vol Macir Items : Sage C. Items: Lapis Lazuli, Sage, Silk Thread, Uncurse Potion R. Items: Blow Ring, Cashmere Thread, Silver Ore Enemies : Bitterfly, Grave Digger, Specter, Werebat This is another relatively simple sidescrolling area. I recommend keeping your Macir/Torpor combination. Torpor is particularly effective against the Specters and the Grave Diggers. Grave Diggers are vicious, but Torpor freezes them. If you used the Blue Drops from the Tymeo Mountains, you'll be in really good shape as you proceed through the first room. The second room introduces the Black Fomor, from whom you can steal the Umbra spell as he casts it. Do this after taking out the Bitterflies, and keep going to the next area. When you enter this new area, you'll see a Glyph Statue in front of you. This statue contains Vol Macir, which is an upgrade over your Macir. Equip it, and go left. Take out the Werebat (she'll summon Bats to attack you), and nab the treasure chest. Move up through this area. If you're careful, you can use the Magnes blocks to navigate around the Specters and grab the Sage in the upper right corner. The icy area here has an Enkidu. He's a jerk - he carries around a White Dragon. I tried taking out the Enkidu first, but that led to disaster. Instead, start by taking out the White Dragon from afar, dodging his shots, and the Enkidu follows. Continue left from there. Grab the treasure chest at the bottom of this area, and go left. You can't get the Rue on the ledge just yet. The final room has more of the same - Werebats and Bitterflies. Head to the World Map from there. Go to Wygol, save, buy whatever you need, and head to the Skeleton Cave. Skeleton Cave ------------- Glyphs : None Items : MP Max Up, Ordinary Stone, HP Max Up, Heart Max Up, Maneater Ring C. Items: Lapis Lazuli, Sage, Silk Thread, Uncurse Potion R. Items: Blow Ring, Cashmere Thread, Silver Ore Enemies : Bone Pillar, Dullahan, Skeleton Frisky, Skeleton Hero, Skeleton Rex, White Dragon More groovy music! Going left, you'll find some Skeleton Friskies and Dullahans. Backdash from the Dullahans before the stab you. They drop the Vol Confodore, a more powerful rapier. That being said, you'll want to stick with the Vol Macir Glyph for now, though, as this place is obviously populated by skeletons, and skeletons are weak to Bash damage. There's a treasure chest above you, but it's just teasing you for now. Continue on to take out the Bone Pillars. The next room has more of the same. Take out the Bone Pillars and the Dullahan to get a treasure chest. Drop down. This area introduces you to a new enemy: the Skeleton Hero. Apparently he's modelled after Link from Zelda. He can therefore shoot energy from his sword, so be careful and duck while you're fighting him. Continue left. At the end of the path, drop down and go right. Kill off the Dullahans, and drop down at the end. Here, take out the Dullahan, go all the way to the left, and drop down. Raid the treasure chest, and destroy the Skeleton Rex. Watch out for it opening its mouth, as it'll breath fire! Take out the White Dragon from beneath it, and go to the next area. Whoa! There are a bunch of Bone Pillars here. Take out the ones level with you. If you want to play it safe, use Luminatio to take out the ones below you. It'll be kinda slow, but it's safer. Once they're dispatched, descend, grab the treasure chest and the MP Max Up behind it. Attack the left edge of the ledge that you above the first treasure chest to find Black Drops. Use them, and head left. Two Skeleton Rexes are all that stand between you and the boss. Save, and head in there. BOSS: MANEATER HP : 2500 EXP: 1500 This guy will only come out at night because he's the lean and hungry type. He's an offensive powerhouse, but at the same time, he's not that hard to beat. He only has a few attacks: Smash - Maneater will drop down on you. He won't even necessarily be on top ----- of you, but he'll drop. Watch out for the tentacles when he does. Projectile - He'll fire off these bones that will bounce around. You can ---------- destroy these or just dodge them. Sonic Wave - You'll see energy pulse through his tentacles, and he'll fire off ---------- a funny sounding circular pulse from the tentacles. It's easy to dodge. I recommend bringing Vol Macir and Luminatio into this fight. If you're properly leveled up, this fight is ridiculously easy. You can use the Glyph Union if you want (it's really powerful), but I recommend waiting for Maneater to deploy all of his tentacles - it'll give you more spots to hit. I got about 3x126 HP of damage on him per swing! At the start of the fight, his tentacles will extend really far. Make sure you slide underneath him as necessary. After some swinging, you can get him into a routine where you hit him with Vol Macir, he Smashes, comes back up, you hit him again, he Smashes, etc., and he just doesn't put up a fight anymore. If you're trying for the Maneater Medal - and I'd say this is the easiest fight to do it since Arthroverta - there are two things to be wary of. Watch out for his tentacles at the beginning. Remember that the bottom one is longer than it looks, since it goes into the ground. Be very careful of the bones and skulls that are bouncing around as projectiles - destroying them should be your top priority. Unload all of your hearts on him to turn Maneater into Dirteater. After the cutscene, free George from the manacles of Torpor, and open the chest to get the Ordinary Stone. Funny, I think there are plenty around here. This lets you double jump! Although there is no warp to leave the Skeleton Cave quickly, that's fine, because there's a good bounty to get on the way back now that you can double jump. You can also jumpkick, which is nice. Return to the room with the Dullahans and Skeleton Heroes. Go through the left door to encounter a whole bunch of Skeleton Friskies and Skeleton Heroes. Go to where the ground is at its lowest point, duck, and start hammering the hammer. You'll take out all the Skeleton Friskies without getting hit. Destroy the Skeleton Heroes as you move left. In the next room, I'd normally advise you to get behind the White Dragon, but here it's easier just to jump and attack it, while dodging its attacks. Double jump to the ledge above you to snag an HP Max Up. Get the treasure chest from the lower part of this room, and then return to the first room of the area. Remember that treasure chest that was taunting us before? It's accessible now! Grab the Heart Max Up from it, and leave the Skeleton Cave. This time, we actually have to return to Wygol Village ------------- After some plot advancement, stock up (make sure to get a lot of Anti-Venom!), save, and head to... Somnus Reef ----------- Glyphs : Vol Arcus Items : $2000, MP Max Up, Reinforced Suit, Heart Max Up, Rusalka Medal C. Items: Chamomile, Silk Thread, Silver Ore R. Items: Chrysoberyl, Sapphire, Tasty Meat, Wind Ring Enemies : Decarabia, Edimmu, Fishhead, Lorelai, Merman, Needles, Saint Elmo Another water level. Great. Notice that the Mermen seem to be a bit stronger. Underneath the boxes is a giant starfish called a Decarabia, but you can't do much damage to him yet, so keep going right. This next area introduced the Edimmu. It's a big snake that loses segments of itself as you attack it. Watch out too because it's poisonous. At the end of this area, hop on a box on top of the water and go through the cave to find a warp. Now go down. There's a treasure chest guarded by a Sea Demon. The Sea Demon, like most enemies in this area, is weak to lightning, so use Vol Fulgur on him. Take the booty from the chest, and drop to the bottom. Grab the $2000 bag, and continue right. In this next area, watch out for the Edimmu and get the treasure chest from behind the Merman in the middle of this area. Continue to the far right and drop through the hole. In the next area, there's a new enemy: Lorelai. She's a mermaid attached to a giant, ice-breathing fish. Stay out of the way of the ice while attacking. Get the treasure chest from behind her, and go down to the bottom right corner. There are two more Lorelais down here, and behind them is a statue containing Vol Arcus. Go left, and drop into the gauntlet with the Fishheads. Take them out with Vol Fulgur and your other weapon, and get the MP Max Up from the treasure chest. Now escape from this little cove and head left. In here, there's a pair of Decarabias above you. That must be where we want to go! Use Vol Fulgur to clear a path, and ascend. In the next room, drop to the bottom. Kill the Decarabia, and take the Reinforced Suit. Continue left, killing Decarabias and taking the two treasure chests as you go. At the far end, break into the wall in the upper left to find Anna and her cat, Tom. Now that you've freed her, return to the vertical shaft with the two Decarabia, and go to the bottom of it. Decarabias can poison you, so you can't afford to be too careless. At the bottom, go left. This room has a Lorelai in it. Kill her, and proceed through a vertical shaft full of Saint Elmos. Weird. At the bottom, head down. There's a warp to your left. Enter that room, and then go to the bottom of this area to snag a treasure chest. From there, head right. Grab the Heart Max Up from the bottom center part of this area, and go to the top right exit of the room. Head through this small room to find a save point and a boss. BOSS: RUSALKA HP : 2800 EXP: 2000 Rusalka is a crazy mermaid. Get ready for a major endurance fight here. That 2800 HP will take awhile to whittle away. As for her attacks, she has quite the arsenal: Pillars - These aren't really an attack (well, don't let them land on you), ------- but these columns form protection from her Maelstrom attack. They break with one or two hits, and you generally want to keep at least one pillar working. Maelstrom - She'll either scream "Maelstrom!" or "Rage be wild!" A giant tidal --------- wave will come racing towards the screen. Make sure you're under a pillar when this happens, or you'll get some massive damage (I'm talking 150+ HP). Whatever you do, do NOT try to attack her while you're underneath a pillar, or you'll destroy the pillar and take a bunch of damage. Quick Strike - She'll attack you with her hair. There's very little warning to ------------ this. You'll see her raise her hair. Backdash the second you see this. Splash - She'll send a wave of water towards you. Backdash to avoid it. ------ Water Cannon - Her hair will turn into a water cannon. You can avoid it by not ------------ being on top of a pillar when she fires it. You generally don't want to get too close to this dame. While she's weak to lightning, I find that equipping Arcus on both arms saves the day. Figure out the rhythm to be able to alternate firing arrows so that you can just fire arrow after arrow as long as your MP permits. I find that the Glyph Union isn't that effective here, so just stick with Arcus. Try to stay in front of a pillar as much as you can - you don't want it to get destroyed. Jump kick Rusalka if you need to get to the other side of her - you don't want to get cornered. Keep your distance, keep your patience, and you should be able to keep your life. Note too that if you find that you suddenly need to dodge but you're in the middle of firing, use the backdash to cancel out the Arcus spell. More coming very soon! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- IV. Appendices -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~0 | 4.01: Bosses | 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~0 Coming soon! For now, just check the walkthrough for the boss you're looking for. If a strategy isn't listed in the walkthrough, it will be soon. 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~0 | 4.02: Bestiary | 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~0 Coming soon! 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~0 | 4.03: Glyphs | 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~0 Coming soon! 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=0 | 4.04: Armor | 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=0 Coming soon! 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=0 | 4.05: Accessories | 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=0 Coming soon! 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=0 | 4.06: Items | 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=0 Coming soon! 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=0 | 4.07: Shop List | 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=0 Coming soon! 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=0 | 4.08: Boss Rush | 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=0 Coming soon! 0=~=~=~=~=~=0 | 4.09: FAQ | 0=~=~=~=~=~=0 Coming soon! 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=0 | 4.10: Secrets | 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=0 Coming soon! 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=0 | 4.11: Endings | 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=0 Coming soon! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- V. 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