^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^* ^ * ^RRRRRRRRRR AA TTTTTTTTTT CCCCCCCCC HH HH EEEEEEEEE TTTTTTTTTT* ^RR RR AAAA TTTTTTTTTT CCCCCCCCC HH HH EEEEEEEEE TTTTTTTTTT* ^RR RR AAAA TT CC HH HH EE TT * ^RR RR AA AA TT CC HH HH EE TT * ^RRRRRRRRRR AA AA TT CC HHHHHHHH EEEE TT * ^RR RR AA AA TT CC HHHHHHHH EEEE TT * ^RR RR AA AA TT CC HH HH EE TT * ^RR RR AAAAAAAAAA TT CC HH HH EE TT * ^RR RR AA AA TT CC HH HH EE TT * ^RR RR AA AA TT CCCCCCCCC HH HH EEEEEEEEE TT * ^RR RR AA AA TT CCCCCCCCC HH HH EEEEEEEEE TT * ^ * ^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^* ^ * ^ DD EEEE A DD L OOOO CCCC K K EEEE DD * ^ + D D E A A D D L O O C K K E D D + * ^ ------- D D EE A A D D L O O C KK EE D D ------- * ^ + D D E AAAAA D D L O O C K K E D D + * ^ DD EEEE A A DD LLLL OOOO CCCC K K EEEE DD * ^ * ^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^* +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Glitch Guide ... Extraordinaire ^^^^^^ ^^^^^ By platky ^^^^^^ Visit http://www.freewebs.com/platky/ for the most updated and best version +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ The following is a guide for Ratchet: Deadlocked multiplayer mode. +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ --------------------------------------- | TABLE OF CONTENTS | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | | | I. Introduction | | II.Updates | | III. Level Independent Glitches | | IV. Level Dependent Glitches | | i) Catacrom Graveyard | | ii) Sarathos Swamp | | iii) Dark Cathedral | | iv) Temple of Shaar | | v) Valix Lighthouse | | vi) Maraxus Prison | | vii) Battledome Tower | | viii) Ghost Station | | ix) Mining Facility | | x) Torval Ruins | | xi) Tempus Station | | V. Extras | | i) Multiplayer Tips | | ii) Single Player Tips | | iii) Single Player Gun Info | | iv) Multiplayer Gun Info | | VI. Contact | | VII. Legal | | VIII.Credits | --------------------------------------- +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ I. INTRODUCTION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ratchet: Deadlocked is a game that you either loved or hated. It didn't technically stay true to the Ratchet and Clank series because its focus is mainly on combat instead of the traditional platform action. Ratchet fights solo as Clank plays as his advisor and basic comm. tech guy. Gleeman Vox (a crazy shark) captures heroes, like Ratchet, and forces them to fight for his show. The mulitplayer portion sets you off fighting against each other instead of robots and beasts. Note that using these glitches online is not tolerated but playing together on the same system or system link will allow these glitches to add an extra edge to your game. +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ II. UPDATES ~~~~~~~~~~~ V0.2 - First entry, Most levels included, most level independent glitches included, Basic formatting done V0.35 - All levels now included, more level independent glitches added, more level independent glitches added, almost all glitch outlines done, Catacrom title fixed, table of contents updated V0.45 - More glitches updated, Torval Ruins glitches found, Contact updated v0.7 - Almost all glitches included mostly in undetailed format, some glitches in fully detailed format v0.9 - EXTRAS added, more glitches detailed v0.99 - Very close to being done. Everything not detailed yet, alot of extras completed +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ III. LEVEL INDEPENDENT GLITCHES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following glitches will work in any level that meets the requirements. (note. these aren't in any order just how I think them) (another note. skill level goes 1 as easiest 5 as hardest) ---------------------------------------------------------- - MAGMA CANNON V10 Game Requirements - Unlimited Ammo(not necessary but helpful), all weapons on except magma cannon Use - doesn't hurt enemies only lags and slows them down Skill Level - 1/5 Steps - 1.Select the sling shot -go quickselect, square, up 2.Hold shoot then walk forward (don't attach to an actual slingshot) 3.While still performing step 2 press square and triangle at the same time 4.Surprise enemies! - FLYING GLITCH Game Requirements - 2 people (same team), magma cannon, charge boots Use - Shoot way up into the sky, access invisible platforms, land anywhere in the level, shoot enemies from above Skill Level - 5/5 Steps - 1.Position yourself on an edge with 3 slingshot orbs in a row (sometimes works with 2 but 3 is easier) 2.Manually take out your slingshot (quickselect, square, up) 3.Chargeboot off of the ledge in the direction of the slingshot orbs and wait till your just about to fall to your death near the 3rd orb and press shoot to activate your slingshot 4.Have your partner stand on the ledge where you "chargebooted" off and make sure he is perfectly in line with you 5.Whenever you are the farthest away during your swing but still going forward a bit have your partner shoot his magma cannon, which I clearly told you to tell him/her to pull out, at you 6.When he is shooting you at the exact times it will propel you a bit so that you release the slingshot but don't panic you will latch back on automatically as long as you keep holding shoot 7. After 5 to 6 shots (more will work but its harder) and at the very farthest point of your swing release shoot 8,The tricky part here is that you have to IMMEDIATELY press the button that activates your wrench swing 9.You will skyrocket upwards leaving you free to do what every floats your boat - LANDSTALKER SUPER JUMP Game Requirements - Landstalker Use - Similar to the FLYING GLITCH but your in a landstalker giving you mortar and gun capabilities and its much easier to perform Skill Level - 3/5 Steps - 1.Get a landstalker and move to flat ground 2.While in it hold L2 and R2 then tap x. The vehicle should jump but only once 3.Keep holding L2 and R2 while rapidly tapping x at a steady beat 4.The second it crouches flat tap triangle 5.The landstalker will rise up and right when the feet leave the ground tap triangle again 6.You will jump to incredibly heights (note. sometimes you will not fall back down and you will hopefully respawn but may have to leave the game) - SWINGSHOT GLITCH Game Requirements - Charge Boots Use - Jump really high and far to land on things Skill Level - 3/5 Steps - 1. Charge Boot off a ledge and grapple onto a swingshot target. 2. Don't allow your guy to swing once. You must still be in forward motion from the charge boots 3. Release and immdediately Hyperstrike with your wrench 4. Your guy will launch nicely allowing you to get to usually unreachable places - WRENCH CLIMBING GLITCH Game Requirements - Use - Skill Level - 3/5 Steps - 1. Its fairly simple. Whenever your trying to climb something, be it a ramp, wall or invisible wall you must use your wrench. You know when you perform a 2 move wrench combo (Only 2 swings). Well normally when you jump you do a hyperstrike. 2. What you do is double jump up tightly against whatever your climbing then press wrench attack twice. If it does a hyperstrike then reposition yourself and make sure your tight to whatever your jumping up. 3. If it does a two strike combo Ratchet will stay in the spot for a second allowing you to jump again. 4. Continue jumping and doing the two strike wrench combo until you reach the desired location - PUMA SURFING Game Requirements - Puma, has to be a level with water or any type of liquid Use - Surf out to uncharted areas and shoot from a distance Skill Level - 2/5 Steps - 1. Get in a Puma and reverse to an edge almost level with water 2. Shoot your turret until it forces you into the water 3. Rapidly switch positions in the Puma 4. Your Puma will start surfing away from land 5. It looks quite sweet! +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ IV. LEVEL DEPENDENT GLITCHES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ i) Catacrom Graveyard ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - OUT OF BOUNDARIES GLITCH 1 Game Requirements - Hover Bike, power-ups are very helpful Use - good sniping or hiding spots Skill Level - 2/5 Steps - (note its easiest to perform with and arbiter or b6 obliterator equipped with a napalm mod so that you don't fall through floors) 1.Get hoverbike - preferably a new one from the docking pad for directions sake 2.Look right in front of you and slightly to the right when you are on the hoverbike (which means you better not have moved yet). There is a rock wall which is the key to this glitch 3.As you can see this rock wall is fairly low and you may have found out you can jump over it. The only problem is that there is some type of sludgy acid stuff that kills you there. 4.As you can see step 3 wasn't really a step so i will compensate for it by ultimately including 2 steps worth of information in this step. There are two ways on to this rock wall. One is easier to start with but really is harder and the other is the opposite and much more handy. The unhandy way i will explain first because it is easier for beginers. Drive straight ahead and you can hit the fence like wall if you want but you will look stupid. Turn 90 degrees to the right and you will see the all amazing rock like wall.Turn another 90 degrees so you are now parallel with this rock wall. Move sideways slowly to the left so that you are against it. You don't want to go right over. Jump sideways to your left so you land on the wall nicely.This next part is the trickier part for unskilled drivers. Your must jump and drive along the wall until you cant go any further even if it looks like you should. Thats because there is an infamous invisible wall.The other way up i will explain because they both lead you to this exact spot. If you turn 90 degrees right from the bike pad you will have the rock wall in front of you and to the left. There is a bump in the grass paraller with the corner you must jump off of then land directly where you ended up with the other method. 5.Now this part is crucial and can be tricky without the experience. You must turn your bike so it is parallel with the invisible wall. It doesn't matter which way you face but it is easiest if your bike is half on the lighter coloured rock and half on the darker coloured rock making your guy right on the crack in between. 6.Drive your bike sideways against the inviso wall and press triangle. Hopefully your guy will have spawned over the wall leaving the bike behind. If not keep trying without falling in. 7.When you are over walk along the light coloured wall until you reach a tall wall with some funky rock-metal thing on it.Jump up onto the wall so you are beside the funky rock thing. 8.There are also two things you can do here and the first way is recommended for beginners.When you are up walk slowly to your left (if you were facing the funky rock thing) so that you fall but grab onto the ledge. Just shimmy past the funky thing and jump up. The other way is to double jump around the rock to the left and landing on the other side. This way is a little trickier to get used to but not that hard and is much quicker. 9.Now you can walk around on the grass or go up and shoot people from safety -An excellent sniping spot if you brought a fusion rifle and maybe a holoshield launcher is if you go to a wierd dark brown wall across the grass from where you got up. Jump up on to the end and you have access to a whole wall to shoot from and is coincidentaly the only good way back down - OUT OF BOUNDARIES GLITCH 2 Game Requirements - Hover Bike, power-ups are very helpful Use - hiding spots and exploration Skill Level - 3/5 Steps - 1. Get a hoverbike and go near the Puma pad. There are rock steps beside what seems to be a giant rusty robot 2. Make your way up the steps 3. Turn your bike so it faces out of the level 4. Jump and force yourself to the right 5. Quickly press triangle 6. If performed correctly you will glitch through the invisible wall 7. Now you must jump onto a tiny black pillar that supports the fence. It is quite hard to get so once you do quickly double jump over the invisible wall and land on the other side 8. From this patch of land you can hoverbike off the far ledge to land on a large patch of invisible land 9. You are now under the level and free to explore - TOP OF BUILDING GLITCH Game Requirements - none Use - Good position to shoot from Skill Level - 1/5 Steps - 1. You know how there are two ledges with swingshots nearby in this level? Well, go to the one that is higher up. It is like a little platform with a shield mod on it if you have power ups on. The building your launching on to is the one with the tunnel and a ramp 2. You must use the SWINGSHOT GLITCH in section III. Level Independent Glitches to launch yourself at an angle on top of the building ii) Sarathos Swamp ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - TOP OF BUILDING GLITCH Game Requirements - none Use - Good spot to shoot from Skill Level - 4/5 Steps - 1. This is quite tricky. You must use the WRENCH CLIMBIMG GLITCH in section III. Level Independent Glitches. 2. On each building there are 4 massive suports on the outside of each building. These are slightly angled. You must use these to make your way up 3. Even if you don't make it all the way to the top about halfway is a ledge that runs the length of the building that you can use - PUMA SURF IN SWAMP Refer to PUMA SURF GLITCH in section III. Level Independent Glitches Specific Use - Exploration iii) Dark Cathedral ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - TOP OF STADIUM WALL GLITCH Game Requirements - Hovership Use - Good for shooting from, good for hiding Skill Level - 1/5 Steps - 1. Get in a hovership and go to the stadium. Force your Hovership to the outside of the stadium. 2. Position it over the wall and drop down 3. Everything on top of the wall is either fake and you can walk right through or it is possible to jump around and over iv) Temple of Shaar ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - IN PILLAR GLITCH Game Requirements - Use - Shoot from and hide there Skill Level - 1/5 Steps - 1. On the floor alongside the main building are small supports on the outside of the floor. Find one with a swinghsot target nearby 2. Jump at an angle to one so that you grab onto a little ledge on it. Make sure you jump on the opposite side of the pillar from the swinghsot target 3. Now jump and press shoot just for one second 4. You will latch onto the slinghot through the wall and it will pull you inside the pillar and drop you in - LANDSTALKER SUPER JUMP Refer to LANDSTALKER SUPER JUMP in section III. Level Independent Glitches Specific Use - Get on top of any buildings v) Valix Lighthouse ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - THROUGH FLOOR GLITCH Game Requirements - Hovership Use - Shoot enemies from the floor beneath them and they can't shoot you back, and its a good place to hide Skill Level - 2/5 Steps - 1. Get in a hover ship 2. Fly under either of the two buildings 3. If you force your way through and around rocks and supports then you will end up in a position in which you can shoot through the floor from vi) Maraxus Prison ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - HOVERBIKE IN MAIN BUILDING Game Requirements - Hoverbike Use - Hide a hoverbike in the main building, shoot people in there with a hoverbike Skill Level - 1/5 Steps - 1. Get on a Hoverbike 2. Follow along the side of the wall around the middle building. Once you get to a rock ledge that leads into the main building that you usually have to use a jump pad to get onto 3. Right in front of the ledge against the wall is a bunch of rocks 4, Get some speed and ramp off these rocks to get good air and land on the rock ledge allowing you to travel into the main building - ULTIMATE SNIPING SPOT GLITCH Game Requirements - Hoverbike, B6 or Arbiter with napalm mod Use - Excellent sniping spot (you can't get shot but you can shoot others) Also good for exploring or hiding Skill Level - 3/5 Steps - (Note. this is much easier with a weapon equipped with napalm) 1. Get on a hoverbike 2. In this level there is a spot where there is a rock ceiling over one of the roads. Go to it 3. One side of the bridge is connected to the center building and the other is connected to an outer wall. You want to focus on the outer wall portion 4. Against the wall there are many rocks. One of these rocks forms a prefect ramp if you know how to utilize it 5. Line up with the rock a bit of a distance away and make sure the wall you are trying to get on is to your left not right 6. Gun it on the hoverbike towards it. When you are about ten feet away from it jump so you land just on the beginning of the ramp 7. Quickly jump again to shoot upwards 8. While travelling upwards you need to move your bike a bit to the right so you don't hit the rock ledge 9. Once you are high enough move to the left to land on top of the ledge 10. Jump up to the slightly higher ledge 11. Now there are many things you can do here. One is that you can chargeboot far out into the water to land on some invisible floors and explore to your hearts content or you can read further to find out how to get to the ultimate shooting spot 12. Get off your hoverbike 13. Continue walking along until you get to a round dome shaped building. We are going to go inside of this. You will be able to see out but no body can see in! 14. Take a left once you get there and walk to the edge 15. If you have a weapon equipped with the napalm mod take it out now, if not then ignore this step (It's alot easier with it) 16. Shoot the nothingness in front of you to reveal a floor. Walk along the dome wall until you can't go any further 17. Jump over the barrier blocking you and continue walking and shooting lava 18. Once you are still shooting the gun equipped with the napalm mod but its not hitting any floor turn 90 degrees to your right 19. Walk perfectly straight and onto solid land 20. You may see some of the remains of the dome around you and trust me it is still there but you can SHOOT right through it and see everything from this excellent vantage point - GLITCH INTO ROUND HUTS Game Requirements - Hoverbike Use - Hide and shoot out of little huts Skill Level - 2/5 Steps - 1. Get onto a hoverbike 2. Find a hut with any rocks against the outside of it. A good one is in the dead end area 3. Using your hoverbike ramp off of a rock and fly away from the hut, but just a bit, to avoid any invisible barriers 4. Once you are higher then the hut push back towards it and drop down through the middle 5. Voila you are now inside of a hut - GLITCH INTO FENCED AREA Game Requirements - Hoverbike Use - Good sniping locations and really any gun, good for exploring and good for hiding Skill Level - 3/5 Steps - 1. Get onto a hoverbike 2. Find a spot in the wall that you can see through and has fences on both sides 3. Go on the right side of this and face the fence 4. Along the wall leading towards the fence is some rocks. Luckily one is suitable to be a jump 5. Pick up some speed and jump a onto the ramp then immediately jump off 6. You will launch upwards and forwards into the fenced area 7. You can further explore through the doorway or kill some people from inside the fenced area 8. If you want to get somebody in with you easily just ram your hoverbike into one of the corners and get your friend to go up to the corner from the outside and press triangle. The while appear on the hoverbike therefore inside the fenced area - GLITCH THROUGH WALL Game Requirements - Puma Use - Good for shooting from without being shot at, also fun to explore and a good place to hide Skill Level - 4/5 Steps - 1. Get into a puma - WRENCH CLIMBING A PIPELINE Game Requirements - none Use - Get to a high spot to shoot from Skill Level - 3/5 Steps - - ON THE BUILDING ROOF Game Requirements - none Use - Excellent spot to shoot off of and a good place to chill Skill Level - 4/5 Steps - - PUMA SURF IN WATER Refer to PUMA SURF GLITCH in section III. Level Independent Glitches Specific Use - Exploration and shooting from a distance vii) Battledome Tower ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - SWINGSHOT GLITCH Refer to SWINGSHOT GLITCH in section III. Level Independent Glitches Specific Use - Get to new locations to shoot from and explore cool new places viii) Ghost Station ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - FLYING GLITCH Refer to FLYING GLITCH in section III. Level Independent Glitches Specific Use - Fly up high to land anywhere, shoot from above and find many new secret locations ix) Mining Facility ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - SWINGSHOT GLITCH Refer to SWINGSHOT GLITCH in section III. Level Independent Glitches Specific Use - Get out of the level to explore and get onto good spots to shoot and hide in x) Torval Ruins ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - EXTREMELY SWEET SHOOTING SPOT Game Requirements - Hoverbike, Unlimited Ammo makes it better Use - You can shoot enemies and they can't shoot you, its fun to explore and its a good spot to hide Skill Level - 3/5 Steps - 1. Get on a hoverbike and go to the ramp left of the Puma pad. The ramp that takes you up a level 2. Position yourself in front of it. On the right side of the ramp is some black rocks. These are the key to this glitch 3. You need to gain some speed go up the ramp a bit then jump on to the longest black rock. 4. You need to immediately jump off this black rock to launch yourself high into the air 5. Since you have all that speed once your starting to propel upwards back up a bit then push forward to get over the invisible wall 6. You will land on a large plot of land that you leads to many different locations 7. The best thing i found is if you go around the wall on the left and look back towards the level. There is an invisible wall but the ground is L shaped so if you jump off at an angle you can land past the invisible wall 8. Now walk through the wall perpindicular to the wall you had to go around 9. If you walk forward a bit you will see the underside of a ramp. This is an excellent spot to shoot from because nobody can shoot you. When people are in vehicles you can use things like mines and the scorpion flail to destroy them - PUMA SURF IN WATER Refer to PUMA SURF GLITCH in section III. Level Independent Glitches Specific Use - Exploration and shooting from a distance xi) Tempus Station ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - HOVERSHIP UNDER FLOOR Game Requirements - Hovership Use - Shoot through the floor from below and excellent spot to hide Skill Level - 1/5 Steps - 1. Get in a hover ship 2. There are two main floors with a bridge connecting each. Go the the bridge connecting them 3, Face the one with the landstalker pad on it. That is the one that doesn't have a large pillar in the middle 4. Go under the bridge on the right side still facing the same way. Force your way through and you will appear under the floor 5. Now you can aim your turrets up and fire away or just pop up through the floor to surprise your enemies - ON MAIN BUILDING Game Requirements - Hovership Use - Shoot from platforms above everyone Skill Level - 1/5 Steps - 1. Get in the hovership 2. Go to the main floor with the big building in the middle. The one that has the little bridges that you can magnet boot to 3. Fly up to the corner of the large building near the supports 4. Drop out of the hovership onto the tiny floor - FLYING GLITCH Refer to FLYING GLITCH in section III. Level Independent Glitches Specific Use - - SWINGSHOT GLITCH Refer to SWINGSHOT GLITCH in section III. Level Independent Glitches Specific Use - - LANDSTALKER SUPER JUMP Refer to LANDSTALKER SUPER JUMP in section III. Level Independent Glitches Specific Use - +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ V. EXTRAS ~~~~~~~~~ - Multiplayer Tips ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Some good game settings to try out -Flails only with unlimited ammo and no vehicles -Snipers only with unlimited ammo and no vehicles -Capture the node with tons of people -Wrench Wars can be fun if played properly -A good old fashioned deathmatch with the default settings Despite what you may think if you can master the Fusion Rifle it is truly the best weapon JUMP AROUND i mean jump around alot. You don't want to get hit at all and the best way to do this is to always be moving - Single Player Tips ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Get your weapons to as high a level as you can The best challenge to level your weapons and gain tons of bolts is called Endzone. It is a dreadzone challenge accessible from your base - Single Player Gun Info ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Available Guns - The max level of these guns is level 10 -Dual Vipers -Magma Cannon -B6 Obliterator -Arbiter -Fusion Rifle -Harbinger -Hunter Mine Launcher -MiniTurret Launcher -Holoshield Launcher -Scorpion Flail Available Omega Mods -Napalm Mod -Acid Mod -Freeze Mod -Morph Mod -Shock Mod -Brainwash Mod -Mini Bomb Mod -Time Bomb Mod Available Alpha Mods -Ammo Mod -Experience Mod -Area Mod -Jackpot Mod -Aiming Mod -Impact Mod -Nano Leech Mod -Speed Mod After beating the game once new weapons and upgrades are unlocked. You can now purchase MEGA versions of each weapon that has reached level 10 allowing you to now level your weapons to 99 to unleash massive damage Newly Available Guns -Dual Vipers = Dual Raptors -Magma Cannon = Vulcan Cannon -B6 Obliterator = B11 Vaporizer -Arbiter = Silencer -Fusion Rifle = Anti Matter Rifle -Harbinger = Super Nova -Hunter Mine Launcher = Stalker Mine Launcher -Mini Turret Launcher = Quasar Turret Launcher -Holoshield Launcher = Omni Shield Launcher -Scorpion Flail = Leviathan Flail Once your weapon reaches level 99 the weapon unleashes multi-coloured ammo that flashes before your very eyes - Multiplayer Gun Info ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The guns on multiplayer are just the basic level one guns of single player except the Harbinger is not available.These guns cannot be equipped with Alpha Mods but you can pick up Omega mods during each game. The only Omega Mods available are Acid, Napalm, Freeze and Morphing. After killing three enemies each weapon will be upgraded and appear blue on the little weapon select box. These weapons are much more powerful and can determine the outcome of the game. Always try to upgrade a weapon and don't allow others to get it +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ VI. Contact ~~~~~~~~~~~ The only current ways to contact me is through gamefaqs or e-mail me at platky1@gmail.com If anyone knows any glitches that I dont currently have posted on here, please email me at the above address and I will make note of your contributions below +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ VII. Legal ~~~~~~~~~~ This may be not be reproduced under ANY circumstances except for personal or private use. It may not be placed on any web site unless noted below: -Gamefaqs -Neoseeker -Super Cheats -Cheat Planet -Games Radar It may not be distributed publicly without my permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and names belong to their respective owners. Copyright 2008, K Platt. +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ VIII. Credits ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Credit is given where credit is due... Probester and A l e x because I used there guides to help with formatting All the anomynous Ratchet: Deadlocked players who showed me the ropes To gamefaqs who was the first to accept this guide Due to the reason I found these glitches from anomynous players or by myself all credit has been given to whom deserves it except to everyone who is or has read this faq... I now aknowledge your support</p>