Cheats from the Crypt

Sadly, money grubbing suits have recently begun ripping off honest cheaters with slimy pay-per-cheat systems and shameful product tie-ins. But beneath the slick interfaces of Xbox Live Marketplace lie layers of moldy codes hidden in games by the hacker cowboys of days long past. These sly nods to the elite gaming cadre are bizarre, hilarious, or even downright grotesque. In celebration of this longstanding tradition we present to you the finest cheats, glitches, and mods excavated from the depths of obscurity. Old games don't die, they just go to CheatPlanet to be archived in our cheats crypt.

Our first exhumation turned the world upside down, literally. Enjoy these three classic "upside down" cheats, and stay tuned for future installments of Cheats from the Crypt.

Our first, and most nauseating entry comes from N64 racing game Top Gear Rally 2. While it’s a common practice in racing games to include a “mirror mode” which flips the tracks horizontally so that left turns become right turns, actually flipping the view upside down isn’t quite as common. It’s a simple cheat, but combined with the green pixel vomit spewing at your face, it can turn your stomach faster than three day old sushi from the supermarket.

Above: This is our best estimate of what racing looks like in China.

If you actually have an N64 and a copy of the game, or, more likely, you have the time to grab an emulator, enter this cheat at the main menu: C-up, Z, start, up, down.
Other cheats for Top Gear Rally 2 include:

Giant Car: R, C-right, R, left, up.
Speed Warp: Z, C-left, L, up, right.
Toxic Waste Dump: C-right, C-right, R, L, up.