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Chair closes the book on Ender's Game development

Looks like Ender Wiggins can forget about attending Battle School. Chair Entertainment has jettisoned its plans for a digital adaption of the Ender's Game novel, citing that the sci-fi project simply doesn't fit with the studio's future plans.

In a move that's bound to shatter more than a few geek hearts, Chair's co-founder Donald Mustard confirmed that while Chair had ambitiousideas for Orson Scott Card's classic sci-fi novel, it would ultimately have to put them in permanent stasis to focus on original IPs, as per the wishes of its parent company, Epic Games.

"We have and had an amazing design for the Ender's Game game," said Mustard in aninterview with Joystiq (opens in new tab), explaining: "one of Epic's primary objectives is to create original and unique franchises. I don't know that Ender's Game fits into that strategic objective anymore."

Announced in 2008, the downloadable title would have seen players reliving Ender's childhood combat training in the zero-G 'Battle Room'. Card, who had previously penned Chair's Advent Rising action title, was even quoted as being uncharacteristically optimistic about the project, stating: "It's not enough to slap the Ender's Game name on just any game - it has to be exciting, memorable, and endlessly replayable. Chair shares my understanding of this and I am looking forward to working with them to ensure the game is as authentically Enderish as possible."

If by 'authentically Enderish', he meant exterminating the hopes and dreams of an entire race (spoiler, sorry), then Chair has technically held up their end of the bargain. Hyperbole aside, Mustard's passion for the Ender series does seem genuine. Asked where he'd like to see his concepts go from here, he added: "If anyone decides they want to make it. I have some ideas I'd love to talk to them about."

How about it BioWare? Bethesda? Gameloft? Anyone?!

Dec 15, 2010

[Source:Joystiq (opens in new tab)]

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Chair Entertainment to adapt Card's Ender's Game sci-fi novel

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