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Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation DLC Guide - Call of the Dead


Complete Map:


This map is very interesting because there is a lot of open space and also a lot of verticality. Feel free to hop to one of the corners like this one to get a grip on where everything is.


In general, there's not much to do or see in the northern edge of this map.


Trees and log piles can be used for cover.


This elevated house in B2 is one of the best lookout points since it faces south and can give you a good eye on the action below.


Another elevated porch here is more unassuming and, though a bit more exposed, may offer a good spot to stage a surprise attack.


The old building in B4 provides a small enclosure for you to take a quick break and plot your next move.


Because of all the trees, walls, and various debris, the middle of this map is actually one of the safer areas.


Note that there are elevated platforms throughout the entirety of the map.


This building in C3 is rather uninteresting. There are no windows and it's impossible to remain guarded against the multiple entrances.


The big doorways reduce you chance of staying hidden or being able to catch someone else off guard.