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Boobs, blasters, bombs and.. strategy?

XBLA’s Indie games store can be intimidating given the unedited avalanche of crap available. The upside to the lack of editing is that games made by small teams get to do what they like without having to worry about corporate bean counters. This leads to things like Shoot 1UP, a radical Shoot ‘em up that combines a novel concept with some odd art design. For example, a huge woman with laser boobs:

Above: Freud would've had a field day with this

The idea of Shoot 1UP is that instead having individual lives, every 1UP collected immediately summons another ship to fight alongside you. Collect enough 1UPs and you’ll quickly have a virtual air armada. The downside is that with so many ships, dodging all the enemy’s bullets will be neigh impossible. Shoot 1UP looks like it’ll offer some shmup fans a little strategy to go with their wanton blasting. The kicker? The game is currently retailing for $1 (80MS points).

Mar 11, 2010

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