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Blizzard cancels Real ID forum plans after community outrage

If you've missed all the Real ID outrage because you were caught up with that French electric shaver or whatever LeBron is, here's the gist: Blizzard was all like, "You're going to have to post under your real names in our forums because we're tired of you all acting like dicks," and then everyone was like, "Excuse me, sir, WOULD YOU PLEASE. BACK. AHP!" Or something like that.

As pointed out by some resourceful bloggers, a first and last name is often enough to reveal an address, relatives, and other personal information. Some female posters complained that they'd prefer not to be identified for fear of harassment by the male majority. Penny Arcade said something about it too, probably.

Well, Blizzard listened, and by "listened," we mean, "were screamed at by thousands." So it's not happening. I'll paraphrase the announcement for you, if you don't feel like reading it: "You all still suck at conversation, but we won't make you use your real names because Blizzard cares, every voice matters, Blizzard." Or you could just read it for yourself.

So there you go - community outcry works, sometimes. Smile!

Jul 9, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer