Blacksite: Area 51

BlackSite returns to its wacky alien conspiracies as its starting point and twists them into something ten times worse. The first game had you exploring Area 51 in the aftermath of a viral outbreak that turned scientists into mutants, leading to the discovery of an entire alien colony buried beneath the secret base.

BlackSite now suggests that, decades after an alien ship crashed in Area 51, the research team was given permission to get up to whatever they wanted to without government interference, including declassifying drifters and missing kids as non-citizens in order to use them for research.

Created out of these murky events are main enemy the Reborn, the once-human experiments that now stalk the quarantined base driven by anger against the researchers - a rage now extended to all humans. Convenient, eh? Many of the creatures you can see here are actually another as-yet-unnamed alien race who emerge from that weird spire-like structure in the background of many of the shots.