BlackSite: Area 51

In addition, the game will try to bring all of these uncomfortable issues as close to home for the player as possible. The desert environments may look dull, but other settings include ordinary residential backyards, strip mall parking lots, trailer parks and downtown courthouses. Scariest of all might be the school level, which moves your combat inside classrooms and playgrounds. In fact, the developer confided to us that he actually had to fight with his publisher to keep that particular mission in the final product.

Insurgency... bioterrorism... unjust war. These are heady topics for a videogame, to be sure, but it's incredibly refreshing to watch someone attempt them in a form of media usually dismissed as child's play. Whether the folks behind BlackSite: Area 51 can manage to include a political message while also creating an entertaining experience remains to be seen. Heck, it's still possible this may end up just another big, dumb and loud bullet fest for action fans only.

The truth will be exposed on September 3, when BlackSite: Area 51 is scheduled for release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.