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Avatar takes out the competition

We’re running out of ways to say this.

Seven weeks on release and still showing no signs of waning, Avatar ruled the box office again this weekend, grabbing another $30m from American cinema-goers.

It’s now just a tiny gasp behind Titanic ’s mammoth taking (when adjusted for inflation), and its biggest competition this week came from Mel Gibson’s newest revenge thriller, Edge of Darkness . Which, really, presented hardly any competition at all, as the Aussie only took a measly $17m in comparison.

Staggering into third place was Kristen Bell’s romantic comedy When in Rome , which managed to scrape together $12m – still better than Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Tooth Fairy , which gathered a measly $10m from its audience.

Filling out the top five, Book of Eli continues to struggle to hit the $100m mark on its third week of release, stalling at a $74m total thus far.

And the rest of the top ten? Nothing to write home about, either. Legion continued to fly under the radar with a pitiful $6m, while The Lovely Bones , Sherlock Holmes , Alvin and the Chipmunks and It’s Complicated all added about $4m to their honey jars.

Presumably from people who had already seen Avatar ten times.

How many times have you seen Avatar now?