Are We There Yet? review

There's something very familiar about Are We There Yet? Could it be that director Brian Levant has returned to similar territory to his 1992 canine-com Beethoven? Or is it the fact that, as in Problem Child 2, he is once again revelling in the devious potential of kids? It's probably a bit of both. That said, there's also an element of Planes, Trains And Automobiles in this story of a child-despising bachelor (Ice Cube) escorting the object-of-his-desire's spoilt offspring on a 350-mile road trip.

It may not sound a winner, but that didn't stop it racing straight to the top of the US box-office charts earlier this year. No doubt youngsters on this side of the pond will also cheer its rebellious nature, though the abundant clichés (do we really need another `too much junk food' vomit scene?) and the oh-so predictable outcome will leave anyone who doesn't have to go to bed before 9pm feeling a little weary.

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