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Action and apocalypse

Sly Stallone’s latest entry into one of his classic franchises seems to have been in the works for ages. And it’s been through more title changes than the average swanky London club.

But after several footage snippets and longer nuggets the movie – simply called Rambo (for now) – has a proper full trailer. It’s more of the same, and likely exactly what you’re after if you love all things Rambo. Plenty of explosions and John Rambo using a bow better than Robin Hood.

Rambo arrives next February and you can check out the trailer at the movie’s official YouTube channel here .

Also getting actiony with it is Will Smith in the next full trailer for I Am Legend. The post-apocalyptic tale of a virus that has turned humanity into savage, vampire-alike beasts wracked with a terrible craving has previously been trailered with footage of Smith wandering deserted streets. Well, there’s more of that, but we finally get fleeting glimpses of the infected. Looks like the Albino society will be up in arms over another negative portrayal…

I Am Legend lands in February, but you can find the pale riders here .

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