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Abandoned will be free for anyone who purchased a past Blue Box game

Abandoned PS5 exclusive
(Image credit: Sony / Blue Box Games Studios)

Blue Box Games will offer Abandoned for free to whose who purchased one of the studio's previous games. 

The new information comes from an interview with IGN, where Blue Box Games studio head Hasan Kahraman reveals that anyone who purchased The Haunting: Blood Water Curse while it was available in early access will receive Abandoned for free. The Haunting was a Fatal Frame homage that was only ever released in early access, before being discontinued and handed off to another developer.

Now, in the interview with IGN, Kahraman promises that development on The Haunting: Blood Water Curse will be finished by the time Abandoned eventually releases. This bundles two promises into one from the studio head: that The Haunting will be finished, and that those who originally purchased the game in early access will be offered Abandoned for free.

So far at least, Kahraman's promises haven't gone to plan. Blue Box Games had originally announced the Abandoned PS5 app for release earlier this year, before delaying it several times at the last moment. On its eventual release, the Abandoned app merely offered a replay of the previously revealed trailer for the game, and not a demo of the game's DualSense capabilities, which Kahraman previously alluded to.

This interview with IGN comes off the back of a Reddit user picking up on Blue Box Games's history of unfinished games. The user uncovered that Rewind: Voices of the Past has an eerily similar development history to Abandoned, whereby demos and trailer apps were promised, but never delivered upon, with the game itself being cancelled after a prolonged period of publicity. We'll have to wait a bit longer yet to see what Abandoned ends up being.

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