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The 60 best moments of the last console generation

So many memories

How do you judge a console generation's worth? Do you tally up how many games you bought? How many headlines caught your eye? The aggregate sales figures posted by publishers and manufacturers? Doubtful. What really matters are the individual moments that defined the generation--the ones that will stick with you, long after you've gotten over the excitement of the new consoles. Whether it's a scene within the context of a single game, a reveal that rocked the whole industry, or a personal experience shared by many, these are the moments that we'll always remember.

We won't forget what the seventh console generation had to offer, and the many glorious memories that came with it. Take a look back with us as we recount our favorite moments from this soon-to-be-legacy console generation, and don't feel ashamed if you get a little misty-eyed.

Camping out until midnight to pick up your console on launch day.

Moving your new console from a standard-def TV to an HDTV and finally realizing how amazing HD gaming could be.

Downloading the demo for Fight Night Round 3 and watching the face-rippling, slow-motion KO punches.

Realizing that you never needed to worry about a wired controller again.

Shooting Zakhaev at the end of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in slow motion.

Chatting with your pals even while you all played different games.

Hooking up with a squad member in Mass Effect.

Gazing at the visuals in Gears of War and realizing how powerful next-gen hardware really was.

Getting into position before breaching a window in Rainbow Six: Vegas co-op.