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The 42 best, funniest and weirdest photos of Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto being brilliantly odd

Above: "Hey, you should see this asshole over here"

Above: "Look, it's a Gamecube with a waggle-stick. What do you want?"

Above: Wow! You're right! This really is a shiny cup!"

Above: "Yep, everything's shiny over here too!"

Above: He looks more excited to meet them than they do to meet him

Above: "No guys, really, it's good. Look, I'm making it. Me. I made Super Mario Bros."

Above: "Guys?"

Above: "See? Awesome!"


Above: Just a 59-year-old man whistfully blowing on a game controller imagining that it's a flute

Above: "What is this bullshit?"

Above: It was the greatest day of both their lives

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