Ubisoft cancels unknown shooter, Internet laments

Ubisoft made a generous contribution to the pool of %26ldquo;games you'll never play and which by extension would have undoubtedly been the best thing ever,%26rdquo; with the release of images and video from something called Gorilla Nation, a PS3-exclusive shooter set in a futuristic London involving gunplay, running and giant mechs.

The video, which portrays the game as vaguely reminiscent of Sega's cult speed-shooter The Club %26ndash; or possibly an on-foot Panzer Dragoon %26ndash; features perspective shifts between second and third-person play, an intuitive-looking (possibly motion-controlled) control scheme, and graphics as nice as you'd expect from target renders of a PlayStation 3 game. Then again, the plot seems to have been %26ldquo;lone man versus robots in a dystopian brown-on-gray world of etc etc,%26rdquo; so let's not make like this probably would%26rsquo;ve changed the way we live our lives forever.

As to the question of why Ubi would release footage from something nobody's heard of and now will never play? This is 2010: if you don't know why something's on the Internet, blame viral marketing. As soon as anything's greenlit featuring gorillas (or possibly people, who are just gorillas but more so) and/or nations, we'll know this is a canny ad firm somewhere playing us all for suckers. Not that we had anything better to be doing this week.

Aug 6, 2010