Two No Man's Sky players just reached the same place... but can't see each other

No Man's Sky's multiplayer status has been cloudy at best. Hello Games has hinted that meeting other people is possible, but highly unlikely. However two players have just reached the same location and can't see each other. 

The meeting happened after thesadcactus found a system already named by another player called psytokat. The two messaged each other, discovered they were close and arranged to meet up. 

When they got there, though, they couldn't see each other and appeared to be in the same but different places - names were shared but time of day and terrain damage varied. It's all a bit multiverse. 

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There's been some dramas. Thesadcactus, for example, admitted he didn't have PS Plus but has since signed up. Psytokat on the other hand has been blasting holes in the ground that Thesadcactus can't see. 

The mulitplayer set up for No Man's Sky has always been very unclear. Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray has hinted that it's possible to meet other players but the size of the universe makes the probability of that very, very unlikely. 

This interview with Sean Murray is a mixture of very confusing messages. On the one hand there's this: 

Will your friends show up on the map? 
Sean Murray: Yeah, but they will be a long way away.

He then goes on to say this about meeting another player: 

"It will never happen. I guess the whole of the entire community could organise to go to one specific spot and then they would find that they weren't all there at the same time. That would be ridiculous". 

Which sounds definitive, but he then also says this: 

If another human player flies past you, will their username pop up or will you not even know that it was another player?
At the moment it doesn't, and I would like to keep it that way. 

The player characters look different than anything else you'll see?

You can watch the two streaming their attempts here, which currently includes logging in and out a lot, flying between a space station and the nearest plant and dying in the hope that somehow the two will find themselves on the same plane of existance. They've also been showing the galaxy map repeatedly to prove they're definitely in the same place.

Hello Games hasn't said anything yet although Sean Murray did tweet this almost as soon as news of the attempted meeting started to spread: 

The two player have mentioned server issues too, so who knows? Maybe this is a glitch and you can see other people in theory, just not right now. Sean Murray has continually been very vocal about No Man's Sky so chances are he'll say something soon about this. 

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