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A fond farewell to Chuck , Dead Ewok action figures and Star Trek sweeps the boards at the porn awards, all in this week’s tweets

After five cancellation-flaunting years on the air, Chuck came to an emotional end with the series finale last Friday. Don’t worry, no spoilers here as we’re still not sure when the final season is going to begin in the UK, let alone end, but for any of our American chums who have already seen it, or any UK friends who deal in the internet dark arts, you will know it’s quite a teary affair. #goodbyechuck was trending for a short while – a testament to the power of the show’s online fanbase which was instrumental in keeping Chuck on the air all these years. Let’s hope they all take Fringe to their hearts now instead, eh?

By way of a final tribute to one of SFX ’s favourite shows here’s a brief roundup of tweets from the stars (and fans) of Chuck :

@ ZacharyLevi To everyone who made these 5 years of Chuck possible, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was honored to be a part of this journey.

@ Y_Strahovski Taking a bow. Wiping the tears. Sending a hug. And saying thanku...For the last # goodbyechuck in my heart 4ever

@ adamsbaldwin # GoodByeChuck ==> Ever Forward! @ZacharyLevi @Y_Strahovski @JoshuaEGomez @JoshSchwartz76

@ MarkChrLawrence Thanks for all the fun over the last 5 seasons. Chuck fans are the best!

@ BrandonJRouth Thanks to Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz for including me in the # Chuckverse . And thx to all the lovers AND haters of Daniel Shaw :) # CHUCK

@ RealMichelleT @JoshSchwartz76 Congratulations on a great run. Like Buffy, all good things must come to an end, great to go out on top. # Chuck

@ MekennaMelvin Tonight's the night!!! are you guys ready?! # GoodbyeChuck


@ JoshSchwartz76 # goodbyechuck and thank you all. The end


In other, weirder, news seems Angel star David Boreanaz is taking on Misha Collins at his own game and attempting to become the king of surreal on Twitter. That or this is some kind of reference to his show Bones . We prefer the former option.

@ David_Boreanaz What's worse peeing in the pool or Synchronized swimming?



The SFX Twitter Stream

@ TheRealNimoy I've been invited to visit the set of the new Star Trek film. Hope to do that next week. LLAP

@ BryanFuller DEAD EWOK


@ rainnwilson In what universe was Super not nominated for an Oscar! # Super # BestPicture # ShutUpCrime

@ russelltovey I've seen ep 1 of Being Human series 4.... Hells bells x


@ EddieMcClintock What's the first thing any self-respecting gentleman, buys himself upon arriving in Toronto for a nine month odyssey?

@ EmilyroseLA @EddieMcClintock gotta play my uncharted game:)


@ EddieMcClintock I hear good things! Can't wait! xo RT @EmilyroseLA Gotta play my # Uncharted game:)

@ wilw The guy who played Data in the TNG porn parody won Best Supporting Actor at AVN. HA! TAKE THAT EVERY PORN PARODY THAT ISN'T STAR TREK!

@ pattonoswalt (1 of 2) Love reading all the idiots who somehow believe I'm involved in a PRINCESS BRIDE re-make.

(2 of 2) Calm down, Twitter. PRINCESS BRIDE is DEFINITELY being re-made, but I am NOT involved. It's an all-black version.

@ SethGreen By the way @BreckinMeyer did I mention it also travels thru time?

@ edgarwright If @SimonPegg reads this, then he's definitely checking his Twitter while we are writing.

@ simonpegg @edgarwright You nob.


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