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A Vampire Diaries Halloween party, a Warehouse 13 action figure, and which cult icon wants a recurring role on The Walking Dead ? All in this week’s tweets

It’s the scariest day of the year! No, not tax return day, Halloween. Unfortunately, seeing as most of the world’s Halloween parties won’t be taking place till tonight, Twitter streams won’t be flooded with mildly/extremely embarrassing costumes for a few hours yet. To get you in the Halloween spirit then, we recommend following @ RealReeceShears , if you aren’t already, and checking back through his spooky #halloweencountdown tweets, if only for his 29 October 29 update that genuinely freaked us out:

@ RealReeceShears This is the Shining twins all grown up:


Some eager beavers have been enjoying early Halloween parties though, including The Vampire Diaries gang.

@ ninadobrev Joseph morgan as beatlejuice xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Candice as "Toddlers in Tiara's" and Zach as her creepy stage dad! Brilliant!!!!!!!

And the guys on Chuck, who have been indulging/suffering from a bit of Mischief Night fun:

@ JoshuaEGomez # mischiefnight done came early for my trailer. Don't know who the # charminbadit is yet. ...but I have my suspicions.

Check back next week for costumes galore, and remember stay safe on the spooky streets tonight Trick or Treaters.


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ feliciaday Love that the most common comment to me on Twitter about being on Talking Dead was my Left For Dead reference. # gamerhighfives :D

@ edgarwright I wrote to 'Jim'll Fix It' in 1980 wanting to be Doctor Who for a day. I guess I finally have to accept that this is not gonna happen...

@ NoelClarke Good day on set today, but keep thinking about Arkham City. Need to crack some heads.

@ MichaelJaiWhite I think my Black Dynamite %26 Spawn experiences ruined my "dressing up in a costume voluntarily" spirit! I bet the "Barney" guy feels the same.

@ Paul_Cornell I love it that Warehouse 13 does Christmas episodes. Every show should. A Very Walking Dead Christmas! # fb

@ bergopolis Um, yeah, that's not unique. RT @TVGuide : What makes Grimm unique? It puts a supernatural spin on the crime procedural.

@ TheRealNimoy Had lunch today with JJ Abrams. Dinner tomorrow with Zachary Quinto. Totally Star Trek'd. Great people. LLAP

@ BRIANMBENDIS no details yet on the marvel mmo . I am sworn to secrecy. Start following @MMMSociety for updates

@ 6Mman Picture on 'Carter is finally, officially, gloriously LOCKED! Cheers!

@ NathanFillion "Hey, guys! Let's make a movie!" Joss Whedon

@ THEBRYANHITCH Hoo-fucking-ray for the return on misfits.

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