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Tweets Of The Week

Torchwood teased, Spielberg on a Ukulele and a Trekkie wedding in this week's tweets

In the dark days before SFX , it used to be you’d hear zip about the latest small-screen sci-fi extravaganza until the beeb showed a tantalising 30-second tease or the local paper ran an interview with Tom Baker (if you were lucky). Cue the World Wide Web and spoiler-fuelled message boards and the difficulty comes in trying to avoid too much information. Despite this, however, the making-of process still remains largely shrouded in secrecy, which is why we urge all Torchwood fans to start following US sci-fi scriptwriter extraordinaire (and Dave Golder’s Woman Of The Year ) Jane Espenson forthwith. Despite the fact Espenson is writing three of Miracle Day ’s 10 episodes, the Buffy and BSG veteran has taken to tweeting about the show like an excitable fangirl, and we love her all the more for it:

@ JaneEspenson Early to #Torchwood read-thru. Eyeing all the name cards, eating all the bagels. Whoo!

  • Barrowman can't be at run thru! So sad! But eve miles here! Thrilling!
  • Bill Pullman just walked in. Oooh!
  • Reading about to start. Page 1. Here we go. #Torchwood
  • Applause! Read over! Whoo! Amazing!

Funnily enough, on the same day, (6th January) Torchwood’s parent show Doctor Who was having it’s own new season read-through on the other side of the pond, but it seemed showrunner Steven Moffat had his mind on other things:

@ steven_moffat Early train to Cardiff, read through. In a couple of hours I'll be reading stage directions REALLY FAST.

Great readthrough, set visit, lunch with the Dr, now off to Sherlock screening. (What are you lot looking at - I'm tweeting myself at 8!)


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ NathanFillion Facts: Mark Wahlberg rocks the party. I'd love to work for O. Russell. Let'em make a movie with our blessings!

That having been said-- Hoo boy! You Browncoats are a force to be reckoned with! Glad I'm on your team!

@ theThomasDekker About to watch Summer's new show... I'm starting to think FOX isn't picking TSCC up for a 3rd season ?

@ rustyrockets Jar Jar Binks is almost an anagram for Justin Bieber. x

@ ADaniels3PO Aaaaghh! The Phantom Menace was on TV today and I MISSED IT! Am I doomed? Or lucky? x

@ rcjohnso Anyone know if the Star Wars blus of the OT will be the actual original movies, or the 90s cartoon versions?

@ jumblejim Had 2 pass on poss. movie shoot in Colombia due to apparent 4 SPN episodes in a row. Just read ep 16--Astounding %26 out-freaking-standing.

@ LouDPhillips Yup, going 4 the #Chuck wardrobe fitting tomorrow! Can't say much but I'm a suit-wearing Bond-esque Uber Villain! That 'splains the goatee!

@ Dichenlachman Thanks guys. very excited about #torchwood . looking forward to meeting the crew and the old DH peeps working on the show.

@ emmacaulfield desert island. one show to take with me. star trek tng. that's all. and that's all.

@ neilhimself People asking about . It's public domain, so you can make Huck a Klingon if you want, but it's not Mark Twain's book.

@ jwrinzler I'll know if I'm going to write a book on the Making of Return of the Jedi by end of this month. In talks with publisher...

@ JasonRitter When people attack me about my love of video games, I react like a core-nerd animal. x

@ ManMadeMoon Not sure Cpt. America's powers r patriotic enough. Would love 2 see him shoot red, white %26 blue stars %26 stripes from his fingers. #badnotes

@ DavidBlue If 4,000 crows dropped from the sky %26 hit me in the head, my 1st instinct isn't "call the police." It's to look for Nick Stahl.

@ Jon_Favreau Believe it or not, I suggested it too. RT @ alex_nader : Cowboys %26 Aliens + Red Dead Redemption= most fun game expansion ever? Can it happen?

@ CarltonCuse I'm sure there is a larger, mystical reason this happened, but in this case if it never gets explained, don't blame me or Damon. #LostLotto

@ BambolaBambina Bye my lil robot friend, you raise me right! RT @ SergeGraystone : I feel the end is truly upon me now. Farewell. Farewell.

@ edgarwright Not sure I should have watched Awfully Good on C4. I'd managed to banish the theme tune to 'K9 %26 Company' from memory. Now it's back. Fuck.

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