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Supernatural head warmers, Firefly ’s Sean Maher comes out of the closet and some words for the guv, all in this week’s Tweets

Only last week we were talking about how most on Twitter rarely give us an insight into what they’re really thinking, putting on a public face as they would in any interview. Well, we can safely say that isn’t the case with Life On Mars / Ashes To Ashes creator Matthew Graham who took to Twitter this morning to right a few wrongs from an interview with Philip Glenister in this week’s Radio Times :

@ MonasticProds In the radio times you will read that Phil created Fire Up The Quattro. He didn't. Nor did "the writers". It was me.

  • I have drafts of Ashes going back to before he was even shown the script. Originally it was "fire up the Princess" .
  • I sat down and deliberately coined a phrase that might rival "armed bastards". Phil didn't LIKE the line. wanted to drop it.
  • Thanks Phil. Great timing mate. Thank you for that deluded ego trip. That sideways jibe. That public sneer after I sing your praises.
  • Thanks for reducing 5 years by referring to Ash and I as "the writers".
  • I've decided to go fishing. I look forward to Phil's next screenplay. I hear it's a thriller that some writer helped him with.

Funnily enough, just five days ago Graham also tweeted this. Coincidence?

@ MonasticProds This is where she is normally parked. I wrote that line you know. What a clever writer. ;)

In yet more Matthew Graham news, SFX was very excited to read this pair of tweets from him recently. Very excited indeed. Is the return of Quatermass on the cards?

@ MonasticProds Just enjoyed a delightful, laughter-filled lunch with Lord Grantham hisself - @ hughbon What a lovely boyo he is.

Talk inevitably turned to Quatermass... # getthemtalking

In other news Firefly ’s Simon Tam, Sean Maher, came out as a gay man on the interwebs last night, and the Twitter replies from his fellow Firefly cast members were enough to melt our tough journo hearts. *Sniff* can someone pass the tissues please?

@ Sean_M_Maher Today is a big day for me! A long time coming and I have something extremely important to share with you all.

Wait- I'm gay??? " @chadthodge : 'Playboy Club' and 'Firefly' Actor Sean Maher: I'm Gay… @nbcplayboyclub # playboyclub "

@ NathanFillion I hate to think of anyone suffering for being who they truly are. We love you, @ Sean_M_Maher . We always have.

@ Sean_M_Maher @ NathanFillion Many thanks Nathan. I love you too. But not like gay love. Just love love. x

@ alan_tudyk Welp, it looks like I owe Fillion 20 bucks. My money was on Adam Balwin coming out first. Love you Sean!

@ adamsbaldwin That's # Gay ! | RT @ alan_tudyk "Welp, it looks like I owe Fillion 20 bucks. My money was on Adam Balwin coming out first." # WhoIsAdamBalwin

@ missmorenab I couldn't love you more @ Sean_M_Maher ! Truly an inspiration. I'm behind you 100%

@ JewelStaite Oh, @ Sean_M_Maher I love u more than words can ever express. But my makeup artist does not. Cuz my mascara's ruined. XO

@ JaneEspenson Wanna see a leading man? @ Sean_M_Maher -- now THAT's a leading man.


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ mishacollins Yeah! The 7th season of the reality show about the two mentally-challenged underwear-model brothers trying to impress God, begins tomorrow.

@ iansomerhalder September 22, 7 years ago the premiere of a soon-to-be phenomenon aired%26changed mine%26 all lives associated w/ it forever. That show was LOST

@ steven_moffat Hugely enjoying Firefly, but can I just ask - did everybody love Dollhouse or was it just me and @PureHokum ?

@ iwanrheon Just shot the last scene of Misfits 3...clang.


@ FrankMillerInk PS. For all you # TOS and # TNG debaters right now, the answer is: # KIRK


@ JamesGunn The "Do Zombies Poop?" controversy is settled with photographic evidence. x

@ bonniegrrl Pssst @feliciaday ... RT @TheCupcakeBlog : Last Cupcake Standing Zombie Killer # Cupcakes # zombietalk

@ NathanFillion Did I make a @GameOfThrones reference on Castle? Yes. Was it a cheap ploy to get on their show? ...yes.

@ charltonbrooker [old man mode] I remember when most games had quirky heroes like Monty Mole or Miner Willy. Now it's all musclecocks who swear a lot.

@ OldRoberts953 Thank you everybody for your lovely tweets re # ClosingTime . It's been overwhelming and I'm so pleased you enjoyed it.

@ Mruff221 Avengers Wrapped in NYC in the middle of central Park. It was an amazing day.

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