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The Days Of Future Past cast snapped, Simon Pegg’s Comic-Con disguise revealed and much, much more in a San Diego special Tweets Of The Week

It started off innocently enough. The streets were quiet they said:

@davegibbons90 The streets of San Diego are ominously quiet. Small groups of semi-drunk creators weaving past the embryonic stages of Twilight lines.

But by the end this happened:

@BryanSinger That was awesome! Thanks fans!!! #XMen #DaysOfFuturePast

It could only be Comic-Con, San Diego’s annual geek extravaganza where the only way for celebs to walk around the show floor without getting swarmed is like this:

@simonpegg Hiding in the light. Walking the convention floor at #SDCC 2013

You can find plenty of Comic-Con related fun over the next two pages, but if you sick to the back teeth of hearing about a Con halfway around the world that you’re not at (*grumble*) we’ve managed to find, er, four tweets from the past week which are 100% Comic-Con free, enjoy!

@EddieMcClintock Snapped this pic of the #WAREHOUSE13 facade the day before it was scrapped. #VIACONDIOSMYDARLING

@DamonLindelof If I promise to write a British mystery novel under a pseudonym, do y'all promise to hate the ending?

@simonpegg Tim and Daisy were happily married for 10 years had two children, then separated amicably. Daisy now lives in Colwyn Bay with husband, Tom.

@rianjohnson I dreamed an ending to the game Limbo that was so sad I woke up and obsessively played through to the end just to make sure it wasn't true.

The SFX (Comic-Con) Twitter Stream

@thenerdmachine Reunion time. @ZacharyLevi @Y_Strahovski #NerdHQ

@boborci @simonpegg signed these requests in my palm for next Trek as witnessed by @bebesaysmwah

@Sethrogen This Superman/Batman news is really gonna steal attention from The Lone Ranger/Green Hornet movie we were planning.

Felicia Day

@feliciaday Yup, crashed the Supernatural panel! Charlie's gonna be back this season!! #SDCC

@mishacollins RT @Team_Barrowman : I will get on my knees @mishacollins Squeee. Jb

@bad_robot How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Bad Robot? @MichaelEaly and Karl Urban know. #WhereIsRobot

@AgentsofSHIELD In the green room with cast and producers!

@ManMadeMoon Mute graphic novel being published by @DarkHorseComics and pumped full of the arty goodness of the master, Glenn Frickin' Fabry!!!

And as a very special gift & thank you to all my mates twitter... all 150,000+ of you, lay your eyes on this. :)

@MuseZack In an alternate universe there's an awesome #SDCC panel right now celebrating the Sarah Connor Chronicles' triumphant final season.

@Kateylous My sweet Futurama buddies At the @Comic_Con Love em..

Tweets of the Week continues on page 2!

@edgarwright It has started...

@MsJaimeMurray ... Aaaaand then this lady tried to actually touch me %26 make me a #TheWalkingDead sandwich... #SDCC @WalkingDead_AMC

@serafinowicz I'm in it! RT @AgentM : The Guardians of the Galaxy footage was hilarious! That was the first time I saw that! #MarvelSDCC

@ERICBALFOUR Off to @Comic_Con ! The only place on earth where dressing like a Storm Trooper will actually increase your chances of getting Laid... #Haven

@JohnLeguizamo Prison pose @kickassthemovie @Comic_Con

@alisonbrie Thank you to all the #Community fans that came out to support us at #SDCC !! We'd be nothing with you guys!!

@SamuelLJackson Cap2 trailer ROCKED!!! I might go see that movie!!!

@straczynski There is no escaping one's past.

@bearmccreary #CoulsonLives #MarvelsAgentsOfSHIELD

@nickjfrost Bill Paxton just said I was a fine actor... #jobdone #SDCC #TheWorldsEnd

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