TV REVIEW Torchwood 2.13 "Exit Wounds"

Original UK air date: 4/4/08

Written by: Chris Chibnall

Directed by: Ashley Way


The One Where: It’s doomsday for Cardiff, as Captain John’s bombs leave the city in chaos. He’s been forced into it by Jack’s revenge-seeking long-lost brother, Gray. Torchwood will never be the same again...

Verdict: Okay, it was pretty certain dead-man-walking Owen’s days were numbered, but Tosh bumped as well? I’m still recovering from the shock. This is a brave, brutal end to a series that’s spectacularly reinvented itself after the inconsistent first outing. Although an entire city’s gone to hell, Chibnall’s script keeps the storytelling small-scale, focusing on the characters trying to put it back together rather than widespread carnage. It’s hard-hitting stuff, with Jack buried alive for 2,000 years by his pissed off sibling, and two interweaving death scenes delivered with gut-wrenching power. If there’s a criticism, it’s that the episode wallows in grief for the final five minutes, but that’s excusable – after the tension that’s come before you need some respite.

Gray: No joyous family reunion, just a package of seething bile that looks and sounds a lot like John Barrowman (Lachlan Nieboer is a spot-on piece of casting).

Fan Moment: Apparently Tosh was just “ pretending ” to be a medic when analysing the space pig in “Aliens of London”.

Captain John: Not as fun as the rogue from episode one. but James Marsters’ Time Agent’s heroic side makes for a more rounded character. Though he’s set off to explore Earth, you know he’ll be back.

He’s Not the Messiah: I know he’s died and come back to life a few times, but Jack doling out forgiveness like it’s his calling has been one the series’ only significant missteps.

Best Line:
Rhys: "Where have they [the Weevils] all gone?"
Andy: "Abergavenny?"

Richard Edwards

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