TV REVIEW: Doctor Who 4.8 ***SPOILER FREE***

Original UK airdate: 24/05/08

Since the introduction of the “Doctor-less episodes”, we’ve come to expect the unexpected from the new series, but this latest format-bending adventure was an experiment too far.

Okay, it was entertaining to see a musical episode of the series, but Buffy did this years ago! It’s just another shameless example of the production team ripping off Joss Whedon, right?

Secondly, while we were pleasantly surprised by past performances by the likes of Peter Kay, the latest piece of “stunt casting” was seriously ill-advised. That binman from The X Factor may be a well-known face who can bring new viewers to the show, but can he act? No.

Finally, time for a change of heart. Over the years, we’ve argued steadfastedly against people who make claims about the show having an agenda. However, after watching the dancing pirates on tonight’s lamentable farrago, we have to hold up our hands and say: okay, we got it wrong. Have you ever seen anything so gay?

If next week’s episode by Steven Moffat doesn’t see a return to the type of more traditional storytelling that we know and love, we will NOT be tuning in again.

Ian Berriman

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