Turning Point: Fall of Liberty - hands-on

We didn't get to play the second level where Carson hooks up with a rag tag group of citizens that have joined forces to resist the Nazis, but got to see the level in all its glory. The resistance has cobbled together a makeshift line of defense with bombed-out vehicles and scraps of metal. It looks excellent for fending off a legion of undead, but not for the slightly smarter AI of German forces.

You'll need to fend off waves of Nazis charging towards your camp from the ground and the sky as airships drop off soldiers that repel down ropes right in front of you. We love these sorts of defense missions where it's you versus the world. But again, you shouldn't expect anything you haven't already seen before.

Turning Point's familiar design and gameplay isn't necessarily a bad thing. But we're left wondering whether its unusual grounds for tossing Nazis at you will be enough to make it worth your while when it releases.

Think we're being a little too critical? To its credit, the game's pacing for the first two levels felt strong, with plenty of constant action. It's also looking pretty impressive on the visual front so far. Check out theImages tababove for the latest screenshots to see some of the over-the-top chaos you'll witness when the Nazis come to New York City in early 2008.