Tuesday Link-A-Mania

How To Train Your Dragon 2 ; Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter ; The Dark Knight Rises ; The Crow ; Preacher

Full Main Cast Back For How To Train Your Dragon Sequel
How To Train Your Dragon co-director Dean DeBlois has told Empire that all the main cast of the first film have now signed up for the sequel (not expected on screens until 2013) with Gerard Butler (Stoick The Vast) the final voice actor to come back on board. He also confirmed that the series would be at least a trilogy. “The film takes on much more breadth,” he says. “It's really quite epic. We leave the first film with these Vikings on the backs of dragons, so the world just opens up and expands exponentially.”

Lincoln Lead Actress Cast
According to Latino Review , relative newcomer Robin ( The Loved Ones ) McLeavy has nabbed the lead female role in director Timur Bekmambetov’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter . Apparently she will play Mary Todd, Abe Lincoln’s love interest and eventual wife (and she’s a darned sight more attractive than the real Mrs Lincoln was).

Michael Caine Sheds Little New Light On Dark Knight Rises
Speaking to E! Online , Michael Caine reckons that the script to The Dark Knight Rises isn’t finished yet. “I talked to Chris last week ’cause I said I hadn’t gotten a script and he said, ‘I haven't finished it.’ And he said, ‘I'll finish it in two weeks.’” Asked what he knew about the rumours that Marion Cotillard had been cats in the movie, he responded, “Marion Cotillard is in it? Nobody tells me these things! Oh shoot. I didn’t know. Well, Anne Hathaway is Catwoman isn't she? Well that's fabulous. Tom Hardy is gonna be great too. He's a tough British actor.”

Who’s Directing The Crow Reboot?
According to Bloody Disgusting , 28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is in talks to direct the upcoming The Crow reboot for Relativity Media, though the site emphasises, “He’s taking meetings, and not signed or attached. He is also attached to Universal Pictures’ adaptation of Bioshock , but recent press indicates that it is in horrible development hell.”

Preacher Still Seeks Guidance
And while we’re on the subject of vague rumours about long-in-gestation projects needing directors, SlashFilm is suggesting that Disturbia and Eagle Eye helmer DJ Caruso is “in talks to direct a big screen adaptation of Preacher . This is said to be all dependent on the box office of his latest film, I Am Number Four .”

Being Human UK Retains Strong Ratings
Once again BBC Three’s supernatural shenanigans in Barry topped the UK multichannel ratings chart on Sunday with an audience of 1.257 million . Amazingly, that’s only a couple of hundred thousand fewer viewers than the US version gets over on Syfy in the States. And after ho amazing this week’s UK episode was, let’s hope word of mouth leads to an increased audience next week.

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