Tuesday Link-A-Mania

Walking Dead audience still building; Spider-Man musical plagued by more disasters; Hobbit accused of racism; and more

New Image From Super
Blastr has a couple of new images from Slither director James Gunn’s ultraviolent, ultra-sweary superhero comedy Super . Is anybody going to be able to review it without mentioning Kick-Ass ?

Rejected Hobbit Actress Claims The Production Is Racist
An actress who failed an audition to play a Hobbit in Peter Jackson’s upcoming two-part production has accused the filmmakers of racism. According to ABC.net , British actress Naz Humphreys, who has Pakistani heritage, attended a casting session in the New Zealand city and claims she queued for three hours only to be told her skin tone was not suitable. “It’s 2010 and I still can't believe I’m being discriminated against because I have brown skin,” says Humphreys. “The casting manager basically said they weren't having anybody who wasn't pale-skinned.” A spokesperson for the film later apologised, saying it was, “an incredibly unfortunate error… It is not something the producers or the director of The Hobbit were aware of. They would never issue instructions of this kind to the casting crew.” Well, Jackson could hardly claim he was staying loyal to the depictions in the book, considering who he’s been casting as the dwarves .

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