Try the Spore Creature Creator now

Maxis has released the Spore Creature Creator today, which you can either snap up now for cash or download the demo for free.

Although it's a (large) part of the upcoming game Spore, the creature creator is a stand-alone product that allows you to shape, paint and play with your own custom-created creatures that can be used in the full game. Check out ourhands-onwith the glorious invention.

And if you really need a phallic fix, you can go get an eyeful of PC Gamer UK's "contribution" to the Spore universe.

Creaturescan be uploaded to the Sporepedia to show off to the world. You can also take photos, upload videos to YouTube, post images on your blog and create an avatar for your preferred social networking site.

Add your obscene animal bydownloadingthe program.

Courtesy of CVG.

Jun 17, 2008