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Trauma Center: Second Opinion

Trauma Center uses Wii's abilities well and the excellent drip-feed design continues to offer new methods and operating room scenarios, keeping you hooked on the doctor buzz.

One operation saw us rebuilding a man's splintered arm. First, we had to remove the bone shards then, once we'd set the remaining joint in position, it was time to piece his arm together. By picking each shard up and rotating the Wii-mote to make the piece fit back into his arm, we reconstructed the limb, closed and bandaged the incision, then retired to the staff room for a breather.

Above: Your assistant keeps up an occasionally irritating dialogue throughout operations

Which is, perhaps, where Trauma Center could suffer. As players of the DS version will know, the cartoon-style storyline is occasionally intrusive and dull, while at the same time being utterly nuts. "Doctor, what are you doing!" a nurse will shriek (in text) during an op, kicking off a conversation when you'd rather be lancing the patient's polyps. But, then, isn't that just like real life?

Only rarely were there problems with the motion-sensing, mainly when Wii's sensor bar unstuck from the TV and turned a routine abdominal slice into a career-ending gash. But any errors will be tweaked before Trauma Center: Second Opinion splashes down alongside Nintendo's Wii this Christmas. At which point, we recommend you put on some scrubs and get stuck in.