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Transformers 3 annihilates box office competition

transformers 3

Michael Bay’s third Transformers smash-em-up well and truly conquered the US box office this week.

Over the weekend alone, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon took a hefty $97m. By then the film had already been in cinemas for over three days (it opened Tuesday evening), bringing its total to a mahussive $162m.

The threequel’s also fared well internationally, taking an estimated $370m around the globe. Does that mean a T4 is just around the corner?

Both director Bay and star Shia LaBeouf have called time on their involvement in the franchise, though the latter has admitted he expects Paramount to reboot (re-robot?) the franchise in order to continue without them.

Other big hitters this weekend included Cars 2 , which manoeuvred into second place ($25m), while Bad Teacher hung around in third ($14.1m).

The only other new-openers were Tom Hanks’ Larry Crowne , which debuted in fourth with an underwhelming $13m, and Monte Carlo , in at fifth with $7.6m. Here’s how the rest of the top ten looked…

1 Transformers 3 $97,400,000 $162.1
2 Cars 2 $25,110,000 $116
3 Bad Teacher $14,100,000 $59.5
4 Larry Crowne $13,000,000 $13
5 Monte Carlo $7,600,000 $7.6
6 Super 8 $7,500,000 $108
7 Green Lantern $6,270,000 $101.9
8 Mr. Popper’s Penguins $5,100,000 $50.1
9 Bridesmaids $3,520,000 $152.8
10 Midnight in Paris $3,438,000 $33.6