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Touch Detective review

Reach out and touch faith

One thing Touch Detective has going for it is its art style, which is cute in a very disconcerting sort of way. It helps to accentuate the game's other major asset - its completely bizarre sense of humor and all-out weirdness. The town Mackenzie lives in is inhabited by health-conscious skeletons, shark bodybuilders, starving walruses and midget hot-dog vendors, just to name a few from the rogue's gallery. The dialogue and interactions among the cast as the cases progress is quite entertaining, though you never develop any real attachment to the characters and their plights.

The game is completely stylus-controlled, which makes exploration a breeze. But like many adventure games, Touch Detective has moments where you'll get completely stuck. This is where the game's absurd humor actually hurts - some of the things Mackenzie needs to do to proceed are completely off the wall and not obvious in the slightest. It's extremely frustrating to learn that a solution to a puzzle is something you never would have thought of and that the game never even hinted at.

More Info

DescriptionCan you solve the mystery of the dream-eating monster? Such cases are the norm in this stylus-driven adventure.
US censor ratingEveryone 10+
Release date24 October 2006 (US), 24 October 2006 (UK)