Top Spin 3 - first look

Don't let the name fool you. Like its predecessors, you can hit the ball with a variety of spins in Top Spin 3 - not just topspin. To swing, hold down just about any face button to take a backswing (X, Y, A and B correspond with a slice, lob, hitting left, and flat shots) and release to swing at the ball. The right trigger adds power, and the left trigger will aim for the line. You can combine types of shots, but you might want to make sure you're playing as Roddick before you try to put too much on the ball.

The new tweaks to the controls go along with the upgraded look of the game. We heard it took "too long" to get the players shirts to look as good as they do in Top Spin 3. The good part about taking "too long" is that the game has over 1,200 player animations. Watching people move around the court, it's obvious they move like real players - shirts and all. As they approach a shot within easy reach their pace slows. If they have to really reach for something, you'll see them lunge at it.

The game will contains over 15 real players, including Legendary Players from the past such as Monica Seles and Boris Becker, and 20 different venues to play in. The time of day, the wind, the temperature and shadows of swaying trees will all affect your game. There's even a humidity stat that has an effect on how sweaty people get running around the court. Although, humidity won't matter as much as how in-shape your player is.