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Top 7... Boring Sims

1. Just about any game with the word ‘Tycoon’ in it
It seems like there’s no business too banal and no topic too dull to be repackaged into a sim game for bottom feeders to sink their teeth into. Try to think of the most terrible idea for a videogame and chances are that there’s a sim of it with the word ‘Tycoon’ in the title.

Mere milliseconds after your brain has processed game titles like ‘Golf Resort Tycoon 2’ or ‘Airport Tycoon’ on the box, you know exactly what you’re in for: a mind-numbing, nap-inducing, E-rated sim with mediocre graphics, which would be a great gift to give as a gag to anyone who has touched a controller in the past year.

Don’t believe us? Here are just a few of the terribly tiresome Tycoon games you can torture yourself with right now. Check them out and see if you can come up with an idea for an obscure Tycoon game of your own that doesn’t exist yet. Personally, we’d like to see a Public Waste Management Tycoon game developed next.

Above: This sequel somehow manages to make the most boring sport on Earth even less exciting

Above: Breeding fish is so tiresome that Fish Tycoon comes with a feature that lets the game continue playing for you while your computer is off

Above: Now with more bears!

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Mar 3, 2008