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Top 7... Boring Sims

4. Rig ‘n’ Roll
The nicest thing that we can say about the upcoming truck-driving sim, Rig ‘n’ Roll is that it features big trucks, which somewhat reminds us of Optimus Prime and Terminator 2. But any attempt to further flatter this snore-a-thon falls flat. Even the marketing blurbs on the game’s official site feel forced as they try to excitedly highlight Rig ‘n’ Roll’s “astonishing 3D graphics.”

What’s duller than stepping into the shoes of an underpaid truck driver with nothing to look forward to but hours on the road? How about having to hone your professional skills by trying to manage your very own cargo transportation company with sleep-deprived eyes as you struggle to stay awake to make your next shipment deadline?

If you get excited about the opportunity to drive a replica of the Sterling A9500S or the Western Star 4900EX Lowmax, then you should try hooking up with the four other hardcore truck-driving sim enthusiasts in the world and start a fan site. Everyone else unfamiliar with the intricate differences between the 4900 and 6900 models of the Lowmax series should hold out for further advances in the truck-driving sim industry before getting too revved up over Rig ‘n’ Roll.

3. Democracy
We’re not saying that games can’t have serious subjects. We’re just saying that “serious” sim games like Democracy are about as exciting as watching grass grow. It doesn’t matter how many elements Democracy throws into the mix as you try to steer your nation towards prosperity while maintaining your popularity with the majority. Democracy fails at providing little more than a simplified overview of just some of the general political processes of a democratic government.

If you really want to learn more about democratic governments, you’re better off visiting your library for some lessons in history and political science. If you want to have fun playing a game, you’re better off playing pretty much anything besides Democracy because like so many other “edutainment” titles, Democracy doesn’t do a good job of educating or entertaining.

Above: Do you like pie charts and lots of numbers? Good. Democracy has loads of them