Tomb Raider: Legend video spoiler

Spoilers suck. Not because they give away the endings of popular games, but because they don't do anything else. That's why we're adding a little something special to our Tomb Raider: Legend spoiler video that we know you're going to want to see. Because even if you've finished Lara's latest adventure, you haven't seen it end like this.

Over the course of the game, you'll be able to unlock several costumes for Lara, depending on what objects you collect and how quickly you complete the game. Some are sexier than others - who can argue with Lara in a latex catsuit? We've taken our favorite unlockable outfits and put together a special GamesRadar-exclusive edit of the big ending scene. It's a dirty little spoiler combined with a sultry fashion show. (And yes, one of the costumes you'll see makes this truly surreal - wait until Lara starts shooting...)

This video leaves nothing to the imagination, in more ways than one. If you don't want to have the ending of Tomb Raider: Legend (and several of Lara's more interesting body parts) revealed, by all means, do not click on the Movies tab above and do not watch the video called "Fashion Show Finale." But c'mon. You know you wanna.