Tomb Raider Legend

Dropping into this frigid environment, whichmimics the interior of a snow-globe with awesome hi-def precision, Lara continues her search for her nemesis Amanda. The machine gun comes in especially handy throughout this remote military base as firefights are the order of the day ... go figure, you're in a military base, after all. After zip-lining her way around the joint, perforating baddies wholesale, Lara uncovers a train bound for Amanda's last known position - and what better way is there to hop a train than with a motorcycle?

In another example of reckless endangerment, Lara rockets across the frozen tundra spilling the blood of Amanda's minions. This time, there are a lot more obstacles and better-armed enemies during the cycling mini-game and the machine-gunner-sprouting SUVs are particularly annoying. By the time Lara's caught up to the raging locomotive, the train is just arriving at the hollowed-out industrial complex Amanda has been poking around.

Within the toxin-spewing, crumbling structure, a number of poisonous and searing obstacles confront the questing Lara ... but will they ultimately lead her to the elusive Amanda? We'd love to spoil it for you, but that would be incredibly rude. Keep your eyes here for more tomb raiding in the very near future.