Tomb Raider: Legend

We get to peek into Lara's past when she and her pal Anaya arrive at a Peruvian dig-site she explored in her youth. Lara dons her classic, teal halter top and hot pants/safari shortsin this flashback to the archeological tragedy in which she lost her friend Amanda. Awash in sepia tones of drab beige, Lara dodges through caverns and spear traps in an attempt to reach her buried comrades. Showers of rock and stone constantly assail Lara as she plumbs the depths of the dig, blocking her path and requiring some creative trailblazing.

Along the way, Lara discovers a malevolent presence that her archeologist brethren have accidentally awakened. A demonic beast prowls the corridors of the ancient ruins, stalking Lara and Amanda as they seek an escape route. As the tunnels collapse around their heads, Lara and Amanda become separated and Lara is forced to ditch Amanda within the crumbling depths.