Tomb Raider: Legend

Never content to stay on one continent for too long, Lara jets off to Japan to meet her old ally Nishimura in the pursuit of the relic-thief Takamoto. Lara slips into James Bond mode and goes quasi-undercover in an uber-hot black evening gown (quasi-undercover as it's not terribly difficult to figure out who she is as the dress is rather revealing). Sashaying her walk through a ritzy party filled with Japanese swells, Lara spends the bulk of the beginning of the level sauntering around and looking cute but not actually engaging in much action.

Until the thugs show up ... then the carnage begins (after a quick costume alteration - it's tough to fight in heels so they're the first to go). In one of the greatest action sequences of the entire game, Lara must solve an equation involving a roof, a motorcycle and another, slightly distant, roof (we'll let you do the math on that one).

After a profoundly acrobatic ascent up the neon signs and precariously assembled scaffolding surrounding Takamoto's lair, Lara arrives at the penthouse estate. It seems that cagey Takamoto is less than willing to give up his stolen booty, and a titanic boss fight ensues complete with a required strategy for locating his weak points and countering his devastating attacks.