Tomb Raider: Legend

Oh Lara Croft ... so hot, so brilliant, so starring in awful games for so long. The original Tomb Raider was an opus of Indiana Jones-style adventuring, puzzle-solving, dual-pistol wielding, and tank-top-staring that put Ms. Croft and the PlayStation on the map. But after Tomb Raider III, things got rough for our favorite feminine plaything. Cliches began to snake in, the baddies began to smack of caricature, while attempts at innovation had the distinct reek of gimmick. The nadir came with Lara's belated appearance on the PS2 in the universally spat at Angel of Darkness. Seriously, ever met anyone who enjoyed that sack of ass?

Publisher Eidos, brutally aware of the mismanagement of their hottest property, has now placed Lara's fate in the hands of veteran developers Crystal Dynamics (famous for Gex and Legacy of Kain). Not only has the series changed developers, but one of Lara's creative fathers, Toby Gard, returns as a creative consultant on Legend, hopefully bringing the flavor of the First Lady of Tight Shorts back to this title. What does this business-y talk mean to you, the gamer? Put simply, Tomb Raider is good again.