Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter: Hands-On

While you may not be able to play as a member of the Bravo Unit (Army talk for "second"), they'll still back you up. When things get really hot, you might get an assist from an assault chopper that you can direct at heavy armor targets (more Army talk for "tanks"). During some missions, you get a nifty hovering drone that will beam intel directly onto your eyeballs (letting you know where the Mexican infantry is currently chillin'). Through it all, your Ghost team makes a decent show of giving you covering fire when you need it and snaps to attention at your orders. In the early version of the game we played, members of the Bravo unit seemed a little artificially unintelligent and had difficulty taking cover. Often they jogged about taking piles of fire in the back while appearing entirely unconcerned. It's an almost certain fix before the game hits shelves.

Even with bleeding-edge tech at your back, success comes down to two things: your wits and your instincts. Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter relentlessly hammers you with barrage of deadly complications, but it's that tension that should keep you replaying mission after mission desperately trying to survive.