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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 review

Tiger returns to dominate the virtual links


  • Gamernet challenges
  • Two ways to swing
  • Your face on a golfer


  • Sensitive analog stick
  • Way tough at the start
  • Each hole's load time

Tiger Woods has been running roughshod over hapless golfers for more than a decade now. Much like his legendary bank account, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 sports an embarrassment of riches. Packed to the gills with features and modes, EA's annual golf outing is a rousing success - provided you're willing to put in some work. After all, beating The Man doesn't come easy.

The focus this year is the virtual you - literally. Producing a digitized version of yourself by scanning your face into the game via the Xbox Vision Camera is straightforward and looks pretty good, provided you can curb your ADD for 15 minutes or so while the picture is processed (however, the EA website to upload digital photos as an alternate method wasn't working as of this writing). Let's face it - there's nothing quite like seeing yourself paired with Tiger on the course. We can all dream.

Of course, it's tough to compete with the big boys at first, since your created character starts as a flat-out terrible hack. There's no set path to becoming a top-flight player, other than spending plenty of time in the game honing your skills and nabbing upgraded gear. Initially, the Tiger Challenge mode is a more forgiving way than the PGA season to build up your stats, but regardless of which way you go you'd better be prepared to hit some pretty awful shots. A lot. No matter how badly you play, though, each good walk ruined contributes to your abilities - just be sure not to smash your controller along the way.

More Info

DescriptionThe people who brought you Outlaw Golf are taking over the franchise, and the new features focus on deeper customization and better tools for the community.
Franchise nameTiger Woods PGA Tour
UK franchise nameTiger Woods PGA Tour
PlatformPSP, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS, PC, PS2
US censor ratingRating Pending