Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 review

It don't mean an thing, if it ain't got that swing

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But the real problem with PGA Tour 07 is what should be its crown jewel - that swing, baby. Those in the market for a serious golf simget a bit of a mixed bag. Your physical movement is calculated, but your representative golfer willvisually prepare a slight chip onscreen the same way he'd set up for a record fairway drive, making an accurate hit hard to gauge. And whereas previous golf games have given us an onscreen meter to judge a drive, you're left with an ambiguous percentage system.

Even with all the practice swings you can muster, this spotty system won't give you an accurate perception on how to define your stroke, and that's when it isn't defying your will completely.One awkward execution, through no fault of your own, can destroy precious minutes of work, and no where is this more evident then when your putter occasionally acts seemingly on its own volition.

It comes down to beingtoo slight an evolution from last generation's analog stick, one that took years to perfect and takes a small, unfortunate step back on the Wii. It required just a little more thought and time to make a proper Wii translation. And shaking the remote for top/back spinjustis also alittle on the awkward side.

It's not entirely unpleasant. That "thwhack"sound theremote emits can often be very satifying. Butsince execution isderived simply fromthe speed of your swing and how level you hold the remote,you'll almostinvariablygive up on an actual golf stroke,instead using one hand for a steadier, more reliableswing. Playable, sure, butperhaps bettersuited for a hard-nosed softball sim. (Note to developers: Do not make)

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DescriptionPack your clubs and get ready to hit the green with the latest entry in the popular Tiger Woods series.
Franchise nameTiger Woods PGA Tour
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