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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 review

It don't mean an thing, if it ain't got that swing


  • Pulling of a perfect drive
  • The bevy of game modes and courses
  • Fairly accurate physics


  • Possessed putting
  • dammit
  • The obnoxiously enthusiastic crowd
  • Waiting your turn

Ever since Nintendo broke the news of their weird white rectangle, we've been treated to many a photo of delighted Asians brandishing their remotes like golf clubs.Right out of the gate the Wii proved itcouldhit for poweron the links with Wii Sports golf and Super Swing Golf. But we all knew there was a Tiger in the grass waiting rip the throats out of its cutesy predecessors and establish dominance amongst the "perfect" sport.

And it breaks our hearts to tell you that Mr. Woods' renowned cavalcade of clubs isn't the end-all, be-all of golf sims on the systemit was born to played. And it's a damn shame too, particularly due to the wealth of game modes available: PGA Tour Season, multiplayer, Tiger Challenges, Arcade modes (Battle golf, Capture) Traditional (Bloodsome, Alternate shot). Hell, the Wii's even got a six full courses (that's over 100 holes, mathlete) that the PS3 and 360 doesn't. And that's almost enough to ignore Tiger's hexagonal shirtsleeves.

Because at best Tiger Woods 07 looks okay, but that's only if you're taking the same approach towards the Wii's visuals as you would while mulling over a 1st grader's art project. "You did a good job, EA." *Pats head* The Wii isn't about graphics - we get that - but surely it deserves a better than PS2 polygons underneath a coat of lip-gloss. That's exactly the kind "pulled-port sandwich" we'd like to see developers refrain from slinging ontoNintendo's capable system.

More Info

DescriptionPack your clubs and get ready to hit the green with the latest entry in the popular Tiger Woods series.
Franchise nameTiger Woods PGA Tour
UK franchise nameTiger Woods PGA Tour
PlatformWii, PSP, PS2, PS3, Xbox, PC, Xbox 360
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date1 January 1970 (US), 22 September 2006 (UK)