Three new Pokemon games confirmed

Nintendo has announced two new Pokemon games for DS and one for GBA, and has released new details about Pokemon Ranger. But, as usual, none of the games have a UK release date yet.

First up is Pokemon Torouze, a 380 Mon-strong version of Connect Four that will appear in Japan in October.

Using the twin tellies of DS, you must line up the familiar faces of the pocket monsters into rows, either horizontally or vertically. Then, once you've dragged them into place with the stylus, the matching line will disappear.

To complement this puzzle mode an adventure section will also be included, which will star Lucy Lightfoot in a bid to save her Pokemon friends from an evil organisation.

Coming to both DS and GBA are two games based on the previously Japan-only Mysterious Dungeon series of games.

While we know that the DS edition is named Blue Rescue Force and the GBA game is called Red Rescue Force, the only other information we could uncover is that both are coming out in Japan this winter.

Finally, more info has been released about the : The Road to Diamond and Pearl.

This DS-only title will fit in with the forthcoming movie of the same name, telling the tale of how the Pokemon Rangers travel the world using their menagerie of beasts to fend off invaders, and any other forces of evil they happen to find.

Due to be released in Japan during 2006, Pokemon Ranger will also link up with Diamond and Pearl to reveal promised bonus material and probably a few extra pokemon.