Three And Out review

They meet on Holborn Bridge: suicidal Tommy (Colm Meany) and Paul (Mackenzie Crook), a tube driver and aspiring novelist who needs someone to chuck themselves under his train in order to collect a very generous payout from London underground. The two men strike a deal, Tommy insisting that he spends his last weekend reconnecting with his estranged wife (Imelda Staunton) and daughter (Gemma Arterton), who’ve relocated from Liverpool to the Lake District. Ostensibly a black comedy, this Brit road movie engages most in its more reflective moments, focusing on characters’ feelings of guilt, anger, sadness and regret. TV director Jonathan Gershfield carries off a smattering of good gags (the highlight being a botched burglary), while all four leads lend heft and credibility to their roles.

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